Celebrating Birthdays with a Bit of Travel

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We’ve had a family tradition growing for a few years now. It all started with a trip to Rome and Venice back in 2008. Mike and I were on our 3+ years belated honeymoon, but it also happened to fall over Mike’s birthday. We celebrated in style in Venice with a great meal out at a local restaurant, and  the England v. Croatia game at a local Irish pub. Venice is where we met a couple from London that would soon become great friends we still visit to this day whenever we can. That was a bonus gift we were not counting on at all.

Tip: Celebrate the birthdays in your family with a quick (or long) getaway.

As we added children to our family the idea of traveling over our birthdays evolved. We consciously started planning it. Mike’s birthday is in November, which is low season in many parts of the world, which means it’s cheaper to travel there. We would pick a spot (Europe, Asia, etc) and head out. This was our time to do a big trip. Dek’s birthday falls over a holiday weekend. He was another no brainer. Last year we headed to Cannon Beach, Oregon, a favorite Pacific Northwest destination, instead of throwing another big party with friends. It was much more relaxing for everyone, and Dek was thrilled to play at the beach and dig big holes in the sand.


Birthday carousel ride

Now that Ty has joined the family we have even more reasons for celebrating birthdays with travel. Ty and I were born about a week apart (in days, not years people), and with Mother’s Day falling close behind, we figured why not make a trip out of it. No gifts, no crazy parties, just a chance to reconnect as a family and have fun. This year we hopped aboard the Victoria Clipper to explore a bit more of Victoria, BC in Canada. We will probably keep it close to home again next year. Local birthday travel is the easiest to plan, and can be the most cost-effective, although those trips to Europe and Asia for Mike’s birthday sure are incredible too. There is just a bit more saving and planning involved.

How do you celebrate the birthdays
in your family? 

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  • Andrea, Passports And Pushchairs

    My husband and I have our birthdays 12 days apart, so we tend to say no presents and just go somewhere instead. I prefer that to another gift card 🙂

  • Kiera @easytravelmom

    So timely since my birthday is this weekend. We have a full plate of local travel planned each day with some down time of course! In a few years I turn a big number, my husband turns a big number, and my mom turns another big number (all different ages!) within a 6 month time span so we’re already talking about big destination ideas. So many to choose from!

  • Ann

    I use every excuse to travel, so most birthdays and anniversaries we travel. We don’t travel for my birthday every year because it’s so close to New Years, and I hate traveling on New Years. To make up for it, though, we do a big trip for my birthday every 5 years.

  • Charu

    I have always celebrated my birthdays with travel—last year was Lake Minnewaska and the year before that was New Mexico –same tradition with NEw Year! Happy Birthday!

  • Kate @Wild Tales of...

    Love a good birthday trip—it’s the best kind of present 🙂 We got to travel to Phoenix on my birthday this year…I loved arriving and getting to celebrate! We will also be traveling for my husband’s bday this summer, and maybe even Bergen’s just a week later!

  • Tamara

    We celebrated my 40th birthday and 10th wedding anniversary with a trip to Hawaii. This year instead of a 9th birthday party my daughter chose a weekend in NYC.

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