Conquering My Fear of Falling at the Tioga County Fair


The slopes of doom awaits me

I have this little thing about plummeting to my death from very high up and at very fast speeds. Crazy. I know. Oddly enough I love to drive really fast. Then again, I’m usually in control of that one. Snowboarding doesn’t bother me either. I know how to control my speed as I zip down the mountain now too.

I hate roller coasters though. I always will. Some little man on the ground with a small box telling me when I will and won’t fall to my death is just insane. I went on the Penguin coaster at Storyland in NH when I was 5 years old. It went slightly up, slightly down, and then tilted 3 degrees over a pond. I was done. No thank you. No need to ever go on a coaster again. I’m good.

Plummeting down open slides from 3 stories up doesn’t sound like my cup of tea either. If it’s a water slide I’m good. Don’t ask me why. Stick me in a potato sack on a regular slide, no thanks.

Well that slide is exactly what my 2 year old thought was the coolest thing at the Tioga County Fair in PA this past summer. Yes, my boy who won’t go down the tiny slide at the local park wanted to go down the huge and bumpy giant-sized slide at the county fair. Go figure. I guess not making sense runs in the family.

Sucking it up to head down the slide

So what did I do? I sucked it up like any good mom would. That and I didn’t want to look like a woose in front of my husband and his parents. We sacrifice for the good of our children right? And in this case to save a little face. I slapped on a smile and headed to the line. Lucky me, there was no one in it.

A kid handed me a sack and told us to have fun. Yeah. Right. What the heck did a potato sack have to do with going down a slide?

I started the endless climb to the top of the slide. Let me tell you- carrying a 2 year old while trying to hold onto the rail for dear life in a space barely wide enough to hold one person is not fun. It is also in no way comforting considering what’s ahead.

Whipping down the slide at the speed of light. Ok, so not that fast, but check out my hand as I try to slow us down holding the side.

We got to the top and another guy took my sack and put it on the slide. He motioned for me to sit on it. Umm…OK Did anyone tell me this sack makes you go smoother and faster down the slide? Nope. Thanks hubby. Thanks a lot.

I sucked it up and plopped down on my sack, got Dek settled on my lap, wrapped my arm tighter than necessary around him and gave us a little push. The first section wasn’t so bad. The speed was manageable. Then we hit the 1st hump. We picked up a little more speed, slowed down as we hit the 2nd bump and then picked up even more speed. By the 3rd bump my stomach was up in my throat but we were sailing to the end. I knew pictures were being taken at every angle so I tried to keep smiling and laughing. Happily they did not capture the manic look in my eye.

We got to the bottom; Dek popped right up and said, “again!” I told Mike it was his turn to have a father-son moment. I was good to go.

Mike and Dek conquer the slide with giggles and real smiles

Overall not the worst experience of my life. Definitely better than the Penguin roller coaster. I conquered a little bit of my free fall fear. I won’t be going on a roller coaster any day soon though. That is definitely a father-son type of bonding experience. At least I can say I tried something new. Maybe I’ll even give it a second try at the next county fair. Maybe.

Note to Self: No hats when on the slide. You just end up holding onto it the whole ride when really you should be holding onto your kid or just hoping your stomach stays put.

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  • Jessica

    Good job conquering that fear! I love the slide, but I am afraid of all kinds of other things like sailboats. 🙂

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