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Mouthwatering edibles fill the pages, and yet I can never seem to cook every recipe in the book. This is the plight of a food book lover, who has no energy to be a chef. I admit that I buy cookbooks more for the pretty pictures than the actual recipes themselves, but I do have a few favorites recipes and authors I turn to over and over again.

Ellie Krieger’s cookbooks are a regular in my house. I make one of her healthy and satisfying concoctions at least once a week. She does amazing things with flank steak and fish, not to mention vegetables as well. She even got kids to eat polenta! 

A number of food bloggers have also come up with cookbooks and food memoirs (another passion of mine) over the past decade. Deb Perelman released her The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, which holds several of her top recipes, although not all the ones I love from her site. While pregnant with my oldest I had her goat cheese with zucchini and squash pizza every week. I made her Blueberry Boy Bait for my office regularly (they never complained), and during a winter with one bad snowstorm here in Seattle I dove into her grandmother’s apple cake recipe. Her site and book deserve more of my time, but I get stuck on my favorites and just make them over and over again.

Chef David Lebovitz fulfilled my dream of French foods late at night through The Sweet Life in Paris, a memoir of his move to Paris along with a few favorite recipes. I’d stay up late at night reading in bed, simply salivating over his words that seemed to spring to life in my stomach more often than in my head. He most recently published My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories, a large format book that will look beautiful on my coffee table, and holds many delicious recipes I will try… one day.

My travels have also brought new cookbooks to my shelves. After five glorious days at Ranco La Puerta, I bought Cooking with the Seasons at Rancho La Puerta and The Mexican Slow Cooker, both written by La Cocina que Canta guest chef Deborah Schneider. My boys love meat, rice and beans, making these two books a natural addition to my cookbook shelf. I am trying to curb my sweet tooth and eat more healthy snacks between meals, which the Rancho book is sure to help with as well.

Enough about a few of my favorite cookbooks and delicious memoirs, here is a big list I compiled with a few food-loving friends.

What are your must-have cookbooks? 

Ellie Krieger

Our favorite cookbooks


Food memoirs

Food essays and memoirs

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  • wandering educators

    What a great list – most of your faves are mine, too!

  • Kate

    I’m going to say “Vegan cupcakes take over the world” is probably my favorite.

  • raquel

    I love anything by Guy Fieri, I love his style. thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  • Sam

    I loved Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

  • Allison

    I see a few I’d like to peruse, though I don’t spend as much time cooking as I used to. I also love any book by Michael Pollan.

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