Friday Postcards of Costa Rican Flowers

 In Central America

Meet the Dutchman’s Pipe. Or maybe you know it as Aristolochia grandiflora. Also known as the Pelican Flower, Duck Flower and Fly Catcher Flower. Or at least that was what I was able to find out about it through a crazy web search that required phrases like Costa Rican flowers, alien skin plants, crazy tropicals, and many more combinations of words. You would be surprised how many insane plants are out there. I mean really, with a body like that, what would you name this flower? Dutchman’s Pipe seems a little lame to me.

A few weeks ago I was in Costa Rica researching great places to take your kids around the country for nature encounters. We saw a lot of creatures, but even more plants. I was mesmerized. It was like being in the green house of Home Depot, except these plants were actually where they were supposed to be (for the most part). I found that a lot in Costa Rica; a botanical garden that enveloped an entire country, not just a small glass building. Creatures I had only seen in a zoo, but called this country their native home.

My fellow journalists couldn’t figure out why I was so enthralled and taking photo after photo of the beautiful flora and fauna we encountered. I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t as intrigued as I was. I photographed over 60 plants and flowers, I think, and after my web search, I have a feeling I’ll be writing a guide to Costa Rican flowers pretty soon. If I can help just one person find this crazy plant, I would have done my job researching this trip. And oh yeah, I guess I should write my article about all of those animals we met too.

Costa Rica

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  • amber joy

    Those are GORG!!! We were just in Hawaii and I was captivated by the flowers there

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