6 ways to create more beds in a hotel room for your family

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Traveling with your children can be tricky when you are on a budget and have limited places to lay your head in a small hotel room. While driving across the country with my 2 and 5-year-old boys I had to get creative with bed arrangements so one of the boys wasn’t always stuck on the floor. They weren’t quite ready to cuddle up next to each other and pass out those first few nights on the road. My youngest had just started sleeping in his own bed after moving out of his crib and climbing out of his travel crib. If the boys tried to sleep next to each other they would giggle and play instead of sleep. Some hotel rooms were easier than others, especially if we had a suite, but most families don’t have suites when they travel. I had to get creative with our double and 2 queen bed hotel rooms. There are easy solutions if you just get a little creative.


Split a bed horizontally

If you are in a room with two double, queen or king beds, you can make one of those beds into two sleeping spots with very little effort. You may need one extra blanket from housekeeping depending on how much your children move at night.

  1. Take the blanket and top sheet off of the bed
  2. Create a low pillow wall in the middle of the bed, just high enough so your youngest can’t see their sibling sleeping next to them.
  3. Give each side of the bed a pillow and a blanket.
  4. Your youngest should sleep at the top of the bed, closest to the headboard so they have barriers on both sides of them and are less likely to fall out in the middle of the night

This may sound silly, but it was one of the best ways I found for my boys to share a bed while on the road. My husband and I could still sleep in one bed together and both of our boys were comfortable in their warm, cozy beds.


Push two chairs together

If your room has two chairs with arms, push them together to make a safe little space for your toddler or small older child. Request an extra sheet to line the chairs. Tuck the sheet in tightly to help the chairs stay together. Add an extra pillow and blanket for a cozy bed your little one won’t want to get out of anytime soon.

Fairmont Whistler

Sofa bed plus cushions = two beds

Book a room with a sofa bed. Make sure you ask for extra sheets and blankets upon arrival. If your children don’t want to share the sofa bed, splitting it horizontally doesn’t work (see above) or you have more children than bed space, grab the sofa cushions to make a comfy bed on the floor for your child. That cushion bed could end up being more comfortable than the sofa bed.


Turn a sectional sofa into two beds

You won’t find a sectional sofa in most hotels, but when you do you have hit the jackpot. Small and large children can fit on a sectional. Simply ask housekeeping for a few extra blankets and pillows to make up two beds on the sectional.


Travel Crib to toddler bed

Request a travel crib for your room if you have a toddler who has recently started sleeping in a “big bed.” Take out the mattress and put it on the floor. Cover the mattress with a sheet, add a pillow and a blanket. Instant toddler bed.

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Get creative

Closets: Before I explain this, take note. NEVER close your child in a closet. It is a fire hazard if you have to evacuate quickly and can be very scary for little ones. You could also forget they are in there and leave for breakfast without one of the kids! No, instead, if you are looking for some extra room in your hotel room, open up the closet doors for added floor space. Put cushions down on the floor or extra blankets to make a safe place for your kids to sleep in peace and quiet.

Desks: Sometimes it is fun for kids to have their own space. Ask housekeeping for an extra sheet and throw it over the room desk. Add a comfy blanket and your child’s favorite stuffed animals and you have a nice fort for your child to sleep in. Just don’t leave anything on top of the sheet over the desk incase the sheet gets moved. You don’t want a phone or lamp falling on your child at night.

Two Queen beds: Most families traveling on a budget will book a room with two beds. To make sure everyone is comfortable you can do the horizontal split to let your two smaller children fit in one bed OR you can have one child with one parent in each bed. You can also make a cozy bed on the floor with an extra comforter and towels.

Bathtub: I have never slept in or had my children sleep in a bathtub before, but have you seen the size of the tubs in hotels lately? Some are bigger than a bed it feels like. If you get really desperate you can line the tub with a few towels and a comforter. At least you know your child won’t fall out of the bed, and if they have a nighttime accident, well, at least you didn’t wreck the mattress.

Rollaway Bed: Don’t forget that many hotels do have rollaway beds. Not every hotel will allow you to use them in a double room, but if you have young children who have trouble sleeping together you may be able to play the sympathy card, especially after you arrive. If you have a younger child in a rollaway bed remember to put a few pillows on the ground just in case they roll out at night.

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  • Leslie H (tripswithtykes)

    Great post! Especially love the two chair hack. On some road trips, we have traveled with a toddler-size air mattress. Doesn’t take up much room and still comfortably sleeps my (very tall) 5 year old.

  • Mama Munchkin

    This is fantastic!! We have definitely had to get creative more than once traveling around with our five. But, some of these tips are totally new to me. The crib mattress for a toddler will definitely get some use soon ????

  • Flashpacker Family

    YES! This is brilliant!!!

  • Denis

    The Rollaway bed is a fantastic idea. Most hotels would most likely not refuse to offer you a bed for your kids to ensure that you get a comfortable stay. Ratings are important in this day and age after all.

    Great post.

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