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Have you ever had a dream about a relative that could cook well, and who loved to cook for you? This is what life is like at the Hacienda Petac. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks were handmade by Mayan women in the Hacienda kitchen. I want to say it was like going to your grandmother’s house and being overindulged, but these ladies were too young to be my grandma (and my grandma sure doesn’t make Mexican food like this!), so I’ll call them my favorite aunts.


Dine like your favorite aunt is cooking every meal

During a cooking class with Saoccorro (one of the cooks in the kitchen) we got the chance to see all the work that goes into each and every one of our meals. So many fresh, local ingredients and flavors were blended together for each meal. All six of us got our hands dirty as Paige peeled sour oranges, Katie and Kara chopped cabbage, Katja sliced onions, Andrea diced tomatoes, and I chopped all the veggies for guacamole. We learned to make Panochos (black beans stuffed in tortillas and then fried, with chicken, cucumber, orange soaked onions and avocado on top) that day in class, but my favorite dish has to be the Cochonitas Pidil (corn tortillas stuffed with pig roasted in the ground with sour orange soaked onions and black beans on top.). Lunch and dinner generally included soup to start (sopa de tortilla and sopa de lima being the best in my opinion), followed up by a meat dish. Naturally wine (vino blanco o vino tinto) was served with every meal.

panuchos AT Hacienda Petac Merida Mexico

No meal was ever the same, including breakfast. Ever morning a different Mexican specialty was enjoyed, starting with fresh fruit, juice and coffee. Homemade banana and multigrain bread was served, as well as dishes like huevos rancheros, and a mint and egg omelet that at first I baulked at, but ended up being one of my favorite breakfast dishes.

Dessert could never be left out, and my favorite guanabana (soursop fruit) sorbet appeared one night, much to my delight. Sorbets, the best flan you have ever tasted, and other sweet delights graced our palates every evening. It was not easy to stick to a diet while staying at the Hacienda, not that you would ever dream of trying to count your calories while there. Plus, there was a small gym in the spa, so if you really needed to, you could run on the treadmill or lift a few weights.

homemade flan at Hacienda Petac Merida MexicoAlthough the food was impressive, the table held its own, being decorated with intricate napkin folds and flower displays. No two meals looked alike when we walked up to the table. Most of the flowers were found on the property, with a few, like the white lilies, being brought in by a florist. No detail was overlooked, and the ladies who set up the tables made it look so effortless, but I knew it would take me hours to recreate. We all begged the hacienda manager Colleen to put out a book of recipes and table settings so we could recreate our meals at home. It’s in the thought process right now, but the second it is published I will be the first to buy it.

panuchos at Hacienda Petac Merida MexicoDietary restrictions and allergies

  • Please let the Hacienda know if you have allergies before you arrive. They can easily make a menu that avoids these items. Also, let the Hacienda know if you do not eat meat or any other foods for dietary or religious reasons.
  • Alcohol is not included in your stay, but will be stocked based on your preferences with a 15% mark up. All bartending services are included.


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    Beauty of mexico, first snapshot of this post is looking awesome. its a amazing place and have so much beauty.

  • Danielle (Bubs on the Move)

    Well I have never thought of hiring an all inclusive resort for a group of friends but this sounds perfect! All food included and it looks delicious.

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