Dreaming of Reflection Lakes at Mt. Rainier National Park


Celebrating 6 happy years at Reflection Lakes in September 2010.

For the past two years we have headed to Mt. Rainier on our wedding anniversary. Seeing one of nature’s wonders seems like a great way to celebrate our family and the past (now) 7 years together. The fact that our anniversary falls on a free National Parks admission weekend doesn’t hurt either.

Each year we have seen something a little different. Last year, when Dek was 1 year old,  we headed up to the mountain with our friends Mell and J. We met up at the Copper Creek Inn for lunch. From there we wandered through the park making stops every few miles as something new and exciting appeared. J and I are both photo fanatics, so we couldn’t help taking shots of the mountain from every angle and elevation on our way up to Paradise.

With views like this how could anyone nap, let alone a baby.

Along the road to Paradise, there is a split to the right that can take you east of the mountain and out the other entrance to the park. A little ways down this road, you will come to a series of lakes. The first is Reflection Lakes.

Talk about a gorgeous body of water with one of the best backdrops you could imagine. A cool breeze pushed towards us off the lake making a quick hike all the more enjoyable. Especially if you were the one carrying the baby. We wandered down an easy to navigate tree-lined path, complete with little bridges made of wood and small streams pushing their way through the underbrush as they escaped the lake.

Little feet poke out of the Ergo as I try to settle Dek into a nap while enjoying the view

Since we were sneaking past nap time by the time we got to Reflection Lakes, I decided to try to get Dek to sleep in the Ergo. Normally this works like a charm. I plopped him in, covered up his head and started walking. The gentle up and down normally lulled Dek to sleep. We would just keep moving until he had a decent snooze.

I was not so lucky on this hike. There was just too much to see. Why take a nap when there is a lake, trees, bushes, leaves, daddy and two friends chatting away? No way was that boy going to sleep.

Mother nature’s glory, both rebirth and decay, were out in full force

After about 45 minutes we just gave up. Sometimes you can’t force little people to sleep no matter how hard you try. I decided to just roll with the punches and see how things went. We pressed on up to Paradise to get a better look at the glacier.

Dek never did take a nap that day, but he did have a lot of fun. Our anniversary was also one of the best we had ever had. We made an irreplaceable memory with friends and our little boy. We were so excited to go back this past September to celebrate again. This time we were able to bring Mike’s parents along for the journey. We didn’t make it to Reflection Lakes though. Instead we opted to hike up to Glacier Vista. The best part of this national park is that you never have to see the same thing twice. Even better, the mountain is always changing, so even if you do, it will never look the same.

A small trail let around the lake blocking out many of the cars and people sounds of those that did not venture farther than their cars and the lookout point

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