Drop-Off Birthday Parties: Which Mom Are You?

There comes a day in every Mom’s life when she receives an email (or gasp, an actual card with a stamp) inviting her child to their first drop-off birthday party. I imagine it’s similar to the experience of throwing out the final pacifier or canceling that never-ending Amazon subscription for Pampers, with each passing milestone comes a wave of emotions. My oldest daughter hasn’t yet reached the age of drop-off birthday parties, but it’s right around the corner. In order to help me sort through my feelings on the topic and also have a good laugh, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite stereotypical “Birthday Party Moms”, all in good fun. Who knows, maybe I’ll miss these moms when my turn comes for drop-off birthday parties!

Drop-Off Birthday Parties: Which Mom Are You?

Are you the…

Chatty Kathy

The mom who wants to talk to everyone about everything and ANYTHING. You might want to avoid this mom on little sleep or pray the hosts are serving strong coffee. This momma can’t wait for the next kid’s party to socialize, so whether it’s a drop-off party or not, she’ll likely stick around. Renee, mom of three, outed herself as a Chatty Kathy by saying, “If you stand too close to me I will start up a conversation.” 

Middle Of The Road Mama

Are you the mom who sort of wants to party like it’s 1999 at a 6-year-old’s birthday party? You love cake, don’t mind socializing with class parents, and it’s a great excuse to eat mediocre pizza. The allure of a drop-off party is pretty powerful though…


The introverted mama with an extroverted child that hides in the corner, hoping Chatty Kathy gets roped into a deep and very long conversation with Middle of the Road Mama.

‘Peace Out’ Mom

This mom has been waiting for drop-off birthday parties since she was pregnant. She drops off her kid and runs away before anyone notices. She would rather be ANYWHERE but a kid’s birthday party (maybe except for her own). Keryn, mom of two said, “I’m definitely the drop and run if I can.” 🙂

Forgot the Present Mom

Listen, life is hectic with kids. This mom is always trying and is sweet as can be, she just forgets e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g including each classmate’s birthday gift since Pre-K. She tries, okay? Julie, mom to three said “I am always excited for my children’s events, but scramble the day of to get the present, wrapping paper and oh that dang card!”

What are your thoughts on drop-off birthday parties, yay or nay? And did you spot yourself in our “Birthday Party Moms” rundown? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page or in the comment section below.

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