Exploit Your Kids: Maximize Your Carry on Liquid Allowance

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My kids require a lot of liquids when we travel. OK, so maybe that’s not true. Maybe it’s just me who likes to carry on a lot.

Most people pack the usual shampoo, conditioner, etc. in their bags. Even when we check luggage I like to have a few things handy on the plane.

What are these items you ask?

Well I need lotion for when the airplane dries my skin out; eye drops too.

Hand sanitizer is a must these days. Dek touches everything in his path and licks quite a bit more than I care to remember. One day mouthwash will be added to my bag that goes through security. For now I just pray a whole lot that he doesn’t pick up an exotic disease.

I also carry medications for both kids just in case. Vitamins too.

How do I fit all of this into my 1-quart size bag allowance? I don’t.

Tip: Your kids, even an infant on your lap, are allowed a 1-quart sized bag of 3oz liquids. Take advantage of it, especially if you only like to do carry-on luggage when you fly.

With each child I am allowed one bag of liquids. So if it’s me traveling alone with the kids that’s 3 bags I can pack; if Mike comes along that’s 4. If it is just me traveling with Ty on my lap, I still get to carry 2 bags of liquids.

Granted when Dek was eating baby food at least one bag was always filled with squeeze packs for him depending on the length of our flight. Our trip to China saw us carrying 2 bags of baby food through just in case we were delayed along the way to our final destination.

Even if we check our bags I usually have a back up of things like sunscreen for the kids (we all burn like crispy critters in this family) and toothpaste just in case our luggage gets lost or we have a long layover and want to freshen up.

Each trip my quart bags do carry a little less as I decide what we actually need for a flight and what we would never use.

But let me tell you. I’m clinging to that 1-quart clear bag allotment per passenger. Because you just never know when the airlines and security will take that away from us too.

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  • Jessica

    Man, I have really been missing out! I could have so many little baggies full of liquid!

    • © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      Cause you always need more stuff to haul around an airport 😉

  • Allison

    Makes sense to me!

  • Reply

    I can’t wait to hear about all the interesting folks who visit this post because they googled “Exploiting Your Kids.” Way to get new readers, Keryn! 😉

  • Reply

    Great tip. I wouldn’t have even thought of that! We will definitely try that for Europe next month.

  • Malaysian Meanders

    Tip for when your kids get older: Make sure they don’t sneak any liquids into their carry-on. We were going through security when my son was 7, and the TSA agent discovered a ketchup stash I didn’t know about.

  • Taryn

    Especially when travelling to/from the US, I’ve found that security dudes are very lenient when it comes to babies and carry-on liquids, well beyond the 1 quart bag rule. Milk, water, juice, baby food, and various toiletries, so long as we smiled and said the magic words “oh, it’s for the baby” it was allowed.

  • Lisa Wood

    When we took a flight from Brisbane to melbourne we all made sure we had enough clothes with us for the three days – we only had hand luggage but we worked out that we were allowed two smaller bags…as long as both bags combined weight came under the limit! It was so handy as that way our boys could have all they needed for comfort as well as a bag of clothes. Mind you I think we might have added a few of our own things to their bags 🙂

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