Exploring the South Coast of Australia

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Cape Spencer Lighthouse

Cape Spencer Lighthouse on Australia’s southern coast

I haven’t even booked flights for our next adventure and already I am starting to mentally plan and research a trip we hope to take in 2014 down to Australia. It may seem a little crazy to start the planning process now, but have you seen how big that country is? There are so many options.

The southern coast of Australia may have to be one stop on our trip. The terrain runs the gamut from rural to mountain, forest to coastline. We would have the opportunity to hang out with kangaroos, possums (OK maybe they are a bit creepy, wallabies and parrots.

I could overcome my fears of open water and take a surf lesson, hop in a kayak or take a snorkeling tour with the kids. Ty and Dek would love to spend hours exploring the Birdland Animal Park at Bateman’s Bay, the Bega Cheese Heritage Centre at Tolba, Abrahams Bosom Reserve and Woollongong Botanic Gardens.

Activities in the area include whale watching, hiking, and if we get really bored, a drive down Nullabor Plain, the longest straight piece of road in the world. And here I thought that was the drive from Indiana to the Pennsylvania border here in the states.

Although all of these activities and adventures will be the main focus of our trip once we are on the ground, my biggest concerns right now are pricing out airplane tickets and lodgings. There are a number of houses for rent in the area. My ideal location would be right on the beach. Taking in a sunrise and watching a few dolphins swim by sounds like just the little piece of heaven I deserve on any vacation. We may even split our time and try staying on a houseboat. We have them all over Seattle, but I have yet to actually step foot on one.

With so many options is it any wonder I am started to dream and plan right now. And that is just the southern coast! Just think of how much more work I have to do. Of course, this may mean I have to add another week or two to our trip. Hope the kids don’t mind missing a little more school.

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    Wow! That would be a great adventure for you and the family. I’m one of your Australian readers and although I live in Victoria, I have myself spent 2 months travelling up the south east coast of Australia a few years back. It’s scenic and lovely. What time of year would you aim for? If possible definitely aim for the warmer months, December – March as it will be great for swimming and enjoying the outdoors. Are you just aiming for NSW? I have just come back from a 2 week Northern Territory adventure…. it was amazing. So different from the rest of the country but amazing to hike and explore all of the primative national parks there. Keep an eye on my site for some posts on them coming up! Happy to share any Aussie advice to assist you planning! Have fun with the dreaming and organising! You’ve inspired me to think ahead and plan out next trip 🙂

    • © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      We are looking at heading over in January probably. I have a childhood friend who moved to Brisbane a few years back so we definitely want to pop over there for at least a week or more to say hi. We want to hit the great barrier reef, but I just met with someone who was telling me about a smaller reef on the west side that is just as amazing. Very temping to check that out too. I will definitely be in touch in the coming year about our trip. I always love to pick a fellow bloggers brain 🙂

  • jenny@atasteoftravel

    This is definitely going to mean at least a month away!! it’s great that you have started planning now Kerryn. There’s so much to do and the distances are huge. If you’re heading to Brisbane, you may only get down the east coast or you could fly to Perth and see what the fabulous west has to offer. The kids would love Rottnest and then there’s the Margaret River region as well. Unfortunately January is not the time to head to north so as brilliant as the Northern Territory and the Kimberleys are, you’ll have to come again to do these!

    • © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      Go to Australia more than once? Ummm…Ok! Yes, we are definitely planning on about a month away. I’m always stretching it a little further. Heck right now I’m dreaming of popping up to Singapore for 3 days of eating and catching up with some old work friends and then stopping over in Fiji on the way home. Problem with knowing other travelers is that they keep telling you about all the amazing places they have been!

  • lisa wood

    You will so love South Coast of Australia ~ there is so much to see and do! We have two possums that we feed near our Motorhome, as well as see Kanagroos all of the time!
    The oceans is amazing…you will love swimming and snorkeling is incredible! There is so much to do and so many places to explore! You will have heaps of fun, the houseboat sounds ideal.

  • Reply

    We are planning on going to Australia this December, and I haven’t started planning at all. Eek!! I think I’m so overwhelmed by the choices that I don’t know where to start. Thank you so much for the tip on the house rental.

  • TravelGal

    Wow, how picturesque is the Cape Spencer Lighthouse? Amazing. Your mental itinerary through Southern Australia sounds great. Happy planning!

  • Fly Girl

    It’s never to early to plan a trip! I’d be planning lot of details in my head too because Australia is a huge undertaking. You ideas sound exiting, I think you should go for it on the surfing. It’s one of my dreams to try it but I think you should go first!

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