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One problem with a last-minute road trip over a holiday weekend is finding available lodging for your stay. We were very lucky to snag a room at The Courtyard in Cannon Beach. From the first moment I called reservations I was in for a relaxing experience with only one hiccup along the way.

Driving in from a long day at Mount St. Helens we were all exhausted. Dek hadn’t slept a wink all day. Ty was tired of being stuck in a car seat and just wanted to get out and stretch his legs. We needed to get to our hotel and unwind.

Check in

There are four properties run by Cannon Beach Hotel. You pick up your room key at the main hotel and then head to your designated property, all within a four-radius. Within 5 minutes I had our keys and we were navigating ourselves to our room with the handy map the receptionist had given me.

The Courtyard

A rose adorned entry way lead into the courtyard that the property was named after it. Adirondack chairs formed a circle in the center with a quiet fountain trickling off to the side. Ever now and then the sweet smell of roses reached my nose. It was summer and everything was in bloom.
A library was off to the right with a fire blazing in the hearth. It was pretty warm out so I’m not so sure the fire was necessary, but it was still cozy and inviting. A computer was available for guests who didn’t bring their own, along with a comfy couch to prop your feet up on as you read through the magazines and brochures for local attractions.

Our room was just a short walk away down the hall past the ice machine. Thankfully we couldn’t hear the ice machine once inside.

The Room

Upon entering our room we were blasted by a gust of hot air. Someone had turned the heat up to 80! Thank goodness for lots of windows, a sliding door and a very quick to respond front desk that had a fan over to us in less than 5 minutes even though it was a busy holiday weekend.

After a bit of sweating we got the room cooled down and we were able to take in our surroundings. Dek hopped right up on the king size bed and started playing with the phone and remote control for the flat screen TV. Ty spread out on the down comforter, happily chatting away at his hand as he stretched his limbs and looked around.

Dek would eventually find out he was sleeping on the pull out sofa. It was definitely not a comfortable bed for adults, but for a small toddler it was fine. He found a nice soft spot and stuck to it. I was just happy that we didn’t have to haul 2 beds around for the kids.

A pack n’ play was available from the hotel if we needed it for Ty, but we decided to bring our own since we would be staying in two different hotels and it didn’t take up much room in the car.

The bathroom was bigger than our bathroom at home. Not hard to do but always a nice treat. The two-person Jacuzzi tub was definitely a luxury we did not have at home. I knew were I would be spending my evening; a good book and a hot tub is all I need to unwind after a day at the beach.

There was a small kitchen with a stove top we never ended up using and a mini fridge, we quickly stocked with milk, cheese, yogurt and a nice bottle of wine to enjoy during our stay.

The Patio

Through a large sliding glass door was a quiet little patio with 2 Adirondack chairs and a table perfect for scarfing down breakfast or an savoring an evening snack. There was a short wall around the patio to keep Dek corralled or at least give us a few added seconds before he ran into the street.

Mike and I hung out on the patio at night while we waited for Ty and Dek to fall asleep. Some nights we were out there longer than others and got to watch the sun sink behind the houses. If Ty was making too much noise and needed to be rocked to sleep I could bring him out onto the patio with me or walk around to the courtyard. Even better, I could walk down to the beach and let my mind settle into the rhythmic sound of the ocean.

The Location

I really couldn’t have picked a better spot. We were half a block from the beach. Our patio fed out onto a quiet side street that led right down to the ocean. Our first morning I brought the kids out so Mike could get a little extra sleep. Dek found a big hole to jump into and was in hog heaven. He even found an abandoned shovel to make the hole even bigger. No wonder he keeps asking to go back. What could be more exciting than a hole to dig in?

We were about 8 blocks from the main shopping area of Cannon Beach. Loads of your typical beach shops selling kites, sweatshirts, and beach toys filled the shops. A number of restaurants and candy shops lined the walkways tempting in kids young and old. We didn’t get to check the restaurants nearly enough while in town and already have plans to go back.

If we didn’t feel like heading into town for food there was a coffee shop around the corner and a French Italian restaurant just in front of the Courtyard. Mike was even able to walk to a convenience store to grab a few provisions for our first night.

The Hiccup

We loved this property and dream about going back. The only problem was that there were no black out curtains, or curtains of any kind for that matter. There were just white blinds. This let in plenty of light during the day, but the problem with napping kids is that you need to block out the light for nap times. Even more, you need it not to be super bright at 5:30 in the morning, the time that Dek decided he could be awake since the sun was up. Not fun for mom and dad. Luckily Ty can sleep anywhere still.

Besides our one little hiccup it really was the perfect introduction to Cannon Beach. Quiet and restful was what we needed that weekend and we found it. Even with a busy holiday weekend it wasn’t over crowded and there were no obnoxious guests. We could just be a family and enjoy a rare trip to the coast.

Know Before You Go

  • The Courtyard, South Hemlock Street,Cannon Beach, Oregon Phone: 800.238.4107
    • Part of the Cannon Beach Hotel Lodgings group
    • Office open daily 8am-10pm (arrangements can be made for late arrivals)
  • Pets are NOT welcome at the Courtyard, but are at other properties in the group
  • Rooms start at $165 in high season
  • Travel cribs available upon request
  • Recommended Dining:
    • Cannon Beach Bakery, 240 N Hemlock St, Coaster Village– Haystack bread is the specialty but the Danish pastries are what will bring me back.
    • Pig ‘N Pancake, 223 S. Hemlock- easy breakfast everyone will love
    • Crepe Neptune, 175 2nd St, Cannon Beach– big fan of the Cannon Beach crepe- Prosciutto, chevre goat cheese, fig and honey. Yum! Plus they serve Stumptown coffee. Oh and I’ll be trying the S’mores crepe on our next visit.
    • Bill’s Tavern and Brewhouse, 188 N Hemlock St- fantastic burgers! It’s seat yourself, so you may need to wait a few minutes for a table. Mike enjoyed the beer.


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  • Spencer

    Looks like a cool place to stay!

  • Meagan @MommyTravels

    It looks so lovely there. I just love Cannon Beach. Are you based out of Oregon like me?

    • © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      Nope. I’m in Seattle, but fell in love with Cannon Beach this summer. Already booked our trip back.

  • Dalayna Dillon

    Hey there! Coming to ya from the Return the Favor blog hop. I love all of the gorgeous pictures you have posted! Looking forward to getting to know you and following your blog around. 😀 I blog over at Talk to ya soon!

    • © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      Thanks for popping by Dalayna! Looking forward to diving into your blog.

  • Emily McGee

    My sister is getting married in Cannon Beach in January. Not sure the weather will be as lovely as it is in your photos, but I’ll have to check out the great hotel when I’m ready to book my accommodation! Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply

    I loved your description of this property and found myself dreaming of a trip to the NW Coast just so I could stay there! The lack of the black out curtains would definitely be a bummer though.

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