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Some days I just feel like vacation rental sites are a dime a dozen. They cater to everyone. They don’t always understand what families need when they travel. They don’t disclose cribs, why it is a great location to set up, or even what is nearby. When family vacation rental site Kid & Coe came onto the scene in early 2013, I sat up and took notice.

I’ve kept an eye on this company to see how it would grow, or if it would just fizzle out like so many other start-up vacation rental websites. Kid & Coe has only grown in the past three years, and it continues to feature properties in a wide price range families will want to check out, and like most great companies, Kid & Coe was born out of necessity.

Kid and Coe

The story behind Kid & Coe

Zoie Kingsbery Coe, founder of Kid & Coe, was tired of trekking around the world with her kids and staying in hotels. Her husband was a musician, which meant they traveled more than the average family. She started researching apartment and home rentals instead of hotels. It was hard for her to get exactly what she needed, so naturally an idea was sparked. Her friends continually asked her for advice on how and where to find the best properties for their family vacations.

Kid and Coe

Unlike most people, Zoie didn’t let this opportunity pass her by. She jumped in and launched her own family vacation rental site. Kid & Coe puts the priorities of parents first, as well as featuring beautifully designed homes and apartments, because let’s face it, just because we have kids doesn’t mean we stopped loving gorgeous spaces. There is a reason many of us constantly have a new house project on our radar after all; we want a stunning home we are comfortable in and can be proud of. The same is true when you are on a family vacation.

Kid and Coe

Family vacation rental options

Navigating a vacation rental site can be a nightmare, but Kid & Coe makes it easy to find a property to fit the size of your family, within your price range and in the city you desire. You can also check off amenities needed, like travel cribs, baby monitors, outlet plugs, stair gates, pool gates, toys and books for kids, and even babysitting/nanny services. My favorite options are the categories though. Here you can find the latest properties to be added (over 800 listed so far. They are very particular, which is why you don’t get the tens of thousands of listings you find on other vacation rental sites). You can also sort by country getaways, off the beaten track, city style, coastal escapes, and my personal favorite- last-minute availability.

Kid and Coe

Each property dives into amenities, why your kids will like it, why YOU will like it, style notes about the property, and the location, including how far it is to the airport, nearby towns, attractions and food. Properties can be found across Europe, the U.S., Thailand, Bali, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and even in the Galapagos and Patagonia. These range from condos and city apartments, even apartments within hotels that can give you the extra amenity of a concierge, to villas, converted barns and palazzos in Italy.

Personally I have my eye on the Tresbos Residence in southwest France right now. This would be perfect for a multigenerational trip with my parents or a trip with another family with kids who wanted to explore with us.

Vacation rentals for every budget

I have to admit that when I first saw Kid & Coe after their launch I assumed it was just for luxury travelers. The photos on the site are exquisite and you can tell they are professional done. No bad lighting with the date time stamped in the corner. You know, the ones that clue you into the fact that the last time anyone took a photo of the property was back when film had to be processes, printed and then scanned to get it on the web. Kid & Coe is putting parents first by showing them the things they love at a price they can afford.

Kid and Coe

One thing specialty vacation rental sites don’t always offer is a wide range of prices that can fit multiple budgets. A villa in Tuscany is a dream come true, but if it costs €850 a night, I’m out of luck. Give me a property for €120-200 a night and we can start talking. If I’m staying local my budget can be a bit more flexible, but we all know that when flying overseas with a family, the airfare takes up a huge chunk of your budget, so you may need to economize on lodging, which is just depressing.

Yes, I want to stick to my budget, but I don’t want to miss out on the beautifully designed homes I have been lusting after throughout my traveling planning. Kid & Coe has featured properties as low as €40 per night (1 bedroom/1 bath) on up to $5,765 per night (8 bedrooms, sleeps 16 people. You do the math.)

Kid and Coe

Kid & Coe gives you the options you crave in a family vacation rental with the amenities you need. There is no need to sacrifice one for the other, or squish into a tiny hotel room. You can get the space you need, while enjoying beautiful accommodations selected with your family in mind.

Where are you traveling to next?

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This post is part of a partnership with Kid & Coe. As always, my opinions are my own. When they aren’t you will be the first to know. 

All images used by permission of Kid & Coe. Vertical image via Keryn Means. 

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  1. I recently heard about these guys. I like that their offerings look high-end and fun to boot!

  2. I have just recently learned about Kid & Coe as well – great news that there is a vacation property rental site that caters to families and their specific needs!

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    Great to know an option to make the family trip as worry free as possible. Bookmarked.

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