What to expect on a Fathom Cruise to the Dominican Republic

 In Caribbean and Mexico

Climbing aboard the Fathom Adonia when you embark on a Fathom Travel cruise to the Dominican Republic can be intimidating. Not because you are getting on a boat and headed out to sea. No, it’s those other cruise ships looking down on you at port in Miami. While they tower stories above your small Fathom cruise ship and laugh with their water slides, endless restaurant options, and multiple port stops, your small ship smirks to herself knowing what is in store for the her passengers, like you, who are climbing onboard. She may have limited dining options, a tiny pool and only head to one country and port of call, but this Fathom Travel cruise ship holds a secret: she’s going to give her passengers a cultural education they will not soon forget, while those big ships will leave their passengers trying to remember where they were for seven days.

Fathom Adonia Fathom Travel Guide

But this isn’t a tale of two ships. No, this is your ultimate guide to the Dominican Republic Fathom Travel cruise. I was invited to sail with Fathom in mid-June to experience one of two destinations they cater to with the Fathom Adonia– Cuba and Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. The ship alternates destinations every other week, and I was headed to the north coast of the Dominican Republic. We would sail for two days, dock for three, and sale home for two days, giving us plenty of time to unwind at sea, and enough time at port to  participate in multiple Fathom Impact Activities, and a few fun excursions around the coast. My friend CiCi joined me on my adventure, and having been on multiple cruises before, could give me useful insight as I embarked on my first cruise (ever!)

Fathom Travel Guide

What you will find inside: 

When you are embarking on your first (or fifth cruise), it’s important to start with the basics. You’ve booked your cruise, but now  you have to pack. What do you put in your suitcase? Well, we’ve built a handy, printable packing list to help you with that, but there are a few extras you will want to make sure you bring with you first. Some of these cruise packing list items may even surprise you.

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  • Small purse to carry your ship card and other items you might need at meals and around the ship.
  • Small air freshener for bathroom
  • Clorox wipes
  • Non-slippery shoes
  • Warm weather clothing
  • One cardigan or sweatshirt (restaurants can get chilly)
  • Wet/Dry bag for wet bathing suits and other clothing on day trips and your journey home
  • For more packing tips, grab our CRUISE PACKING LIST below.

Respect Others Time

If you plan on joining a class, lecture or activity, please be on time or early. Be respectful of your fellow passengers who arrived on schedule and of the instructor who has a class lesson plan he or she worked to develop for the enjoyment of all. When you interrupt a class by coming late, you not only throw off the instructor, but you take away valuable class time from your fellow passengers when the instructor has to help you set up your fitness equipment or recap what has already been covered. Just because you are on holiday, doesn’t mean you can show up whenever you want. Just like the boat will leave without you, so to will the class move on whether you signed up for it or not.

Read more in our Dos and Don’ts of Cruise Travel



Many thanks to Fathom Travel for providing a complimentary cruise to the Dominican Republic for the purposes of this review and guide. As always, my opinions are my own. When they aren’t, you will be the first to know. 

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    I was really curious to see how you enjoyed your trip and what the experience on board was. The cultural aspect is really intriguing especially as my older ones are hitting their teen years and I have always said I wanted them serving on mission trips or helping the world in someway during the time in their life where they are self absorbed and entitled by nature. And, WHOA did you give me a peek inside. LOVE it!!!

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      So glad it helped! This was definitely more of a cultural education opportunity than pure volunteerism, but I think it was a nice intro for kids.

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    Keryn, What a great article. Thanks for sharing all your tips from the trip!
    Lisa Niver

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