What to expect on a Fathom Cruise to the Dominican Republic

 In Caribbean and Mexico

Onboard Activities

Although the Fathom Adonia is a small cruise ship, there is more than enough to keep you entertained on your days at sea. You can head to the Library to play board games, surf the Internet (surcharge) and borrow a book or two. The Card Room is where a lot of the onboard talks about what Fathom is doing on the ground takes place, but is also a great place to play cards and other games.

Shops are only open when you are at sea. Due to customs regulations, they cannot open while at port. Stock up on snacks, jewelry, liquor, purses and other trinkets at the few shops they have on Deck 5.

The Spa, which is located next to the Fitness Center, offers acupuncture, massages and facials. Look for specials being run on the day you board and towards the end of the week. The facials and massages are your average spa treatments, but can take away a little of those aches and pains from a week of exploration and sleeping in an unfamiliar bed. The prices are pretty high for what you get, which is why the specials are always good to look out for. Your massage therapist and other practitioners will always try to upsell you on a treatment or a product, but a few “no thank yous” will have them giving you what you want. The last full day at sea has the most booking at the spa, so make sure you book early if you know you would like a treatment.

The Library Fathom Cruise Travel Guide

Onboard Services

  • Medical Center. If you have a minor medical emergency, the ship’s medical center can help you out. Sea sickness is probably the most common ailment, but if something more serious arises, the team is ready to help you. The actual Medical Center has very limited hours, but someone is always on call in case of emergency.
  • The reception staff is very eager to help, but they can’t always get you what you need right away. Be patient, as some requests do require a manager’s approval. Keep calm and smile as the staff does as much as they can to help you.
  • The Explorers Desk, across from Reception, is where you can book land excursions and your Impact activities. Check the daily schedule “Soundings” for the desk hours, so you don’t waste your time walking down to Deck 4 if no one is there.
  • A small laundry room can be found on Deck 8 with the odd cabin numbers.


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  • Mama Munchkin

    I was really curious to see how you enjoyed your trip and what the experience on board was. The cultural aspect is really intriguing especially as my older ones are hitting their teen years and I have always said I wanted them serving on mission trips or helping the world in someway during the time in their life where they are self absorbed and entitled by nature. And, WHOA did you give me a peek inside. LOVE it!!!

    • Keryn Means

      So glad it helped! This was definitely more of a cultural education opportunity than pure volunteerism, but I think it was a nice intro for kids.

  • Lisa Niver

    Keryn, What a great article. Thanks for sharing all your tips from the trip!
    Lisa Niver

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