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Travel is hectic. Delays, long periods of time in the car, antsy kids on a plane and more. I’ve found a few apps for my iPhone that make my life a little easier and a whole lot more fun. 

For the Photo Fan: I have come to love these two camera apps above all others. They are great for creative, on the fly photos of family and friends along with landscapes and just plan fun.

  • Hipstamatic– my favorite camera app for night-time shooting and high contrast funky images. I have my favorite lens/film combo, but with 3 lenses and 3 types of film to mix and match you can get so many different effects, even 70s washed out and orange shots.
  • Camera+– my latest go-to photo app. Try out all kinds of filters, borders and even add in captions. Best of all, take a bad picture of an incredible moment and make it worth the memory.

For the Pregnant lady: Jennifer Miner over at VacationsGals recently clued me into two invaluable apps for the pregnant lady. My travels and movie watching just got a whole lot better.

  • SitOrSquat tells you where the nearest restroom is based on your location.
  • RunPee lets you know when to take a potty break during a movie. It also lets you know if there are extra scenes after the credits and gives you a summary of the first 5 minutes when you are running late.

For the Planner

  • Goby– going to a new place? Find out what the local attractions and odd spots are to visit. Think your location is too obscure? I found stuff to do in the tiny town of Wolfeboro, NH. You should be fine.
  • TripDoc– make your trip planning easier by mapping out every place on your itinerary on one easy to access map. Search for recommendation from friends and other websites. Get directions. Makes notes for future reference. What more do you need?
  • Weather Channel– now that you have all of these great places to go don’t get stuck in the rain without an umbrella.

For the Explorer

  • Oanda Currency Converter– this is my go to currency converter. I love seeing where my money can take me
  • Gas Buddy– find cheap gas wherever you are in the US or Canada. With all that money you save you could go on another trip!

For the Know It All

  • IMDb– Who was that actor in that 1977 movie about space ships? What was the name of that film with robots (or was it aliens) in it and Will Smith? No not that one, the other one. Now you can wow your family with your trivia knowledge, not to mention win a few bar room bets.
  • SkyView Free– what’s that up in the night sky? Well now you can look like you know. With this handy app you just point your phone’s camera at the sky and it tells you which star, planet or constellation you are looking at.

For the Baby

  • Spawn Lite– baby screaming in the car? Distract them quick with this screensaver like app. I’m not a huge proponent of baby screen time, but this helped Dek stop crying long enough in the car for me to regain some patience and figure out what he needed when he was super tiny.
  • Sleep Machine Lite– bring some soothing sounds into the car, plane or even nap time in a strange land.

For the Active and Curious Toddler: My friend Nic has tried and tested several Apps with her 4-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter. She is passing her top picks down to me now that Dek is getting more interested in games on my phone. This will help keep the peace as we fly to the east coast and drive all over seeing friends and family this holiday.

*Although many of the links show the iTunes version of the game, many are available on alternate, non-Apple devices.

Got a favorite app? Let me know about it so I can add it to my list.

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  1. We were in need of new apps for the road. These are great! Thanks Keryn!

  2. t.on.air

    Great list. Thanks for sharing. I’ll make sure to use them.

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