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It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S. A time when we are supposed to look back on what we are most grateful for and count all of the blessings that have been heaped upon us over the past 12 months.

November also happens to be an important member of our family’s birthday. Every few years, depending on when Thanksgiving falls, we celebrate with pumpkin pie. He never seems to mind. He likes pie.

This year (and every year) I am grateful for this amazing man who popped into my life 14 years ago. He spotted me in college and, well, after many twists and turns, we finally got our acts together and started dating; a few years later we were married. More years past (we had to have a little fun because life would be SO boring after kids as you know), and we decided to add a few crazy kids to our gang.

Why am I so grateful for this man?

He has a patience that can rival any saint. If you haven’t noticed already I can be a little high-strung. He brings me down to earth when I want to rattle some cages and shake my fist at the world (or the cars that are in my way as I race down the road.)

He encourages me to pursue my dreams. He has seen me through a few career incarnations, supported me through grad school,l and encourages me everyday in my photography and writing. He also stops me when all I want to do is throw my computer against a wall because I can’t get the HTML to work. Stinkin’ code.

He shares the load. He gets down on the ground to play trains with Dek as soon as he gets home from a long day at the office. He grabs Ty from my arms so I can get a physical (and mental) break after many hours alone with the kids. He even does the dishes after dinner…sometimes.

He gets up every Saturday morning
so I can get a little extra sleep.

He proves chivalry is not dead. He lets me drive because he knows I love to and get carsick on occasion. He has pushed and carried babies through countless cities. He still insists on getting all of our bags out of the car and carrying more than his fair share to our destination.

He looks out for my welfare. Every now and then he will question my food choices, mainly because of what I am combining them with (buffalo wings + chocolate milkshake= very, very bad stomach!), but he is always game to try any food we come across, no matter how much it grosses me out.

Most of all, he has never squashed my wanderlust. He is happy to go on any adventure I plan for our family and rarely gives much input until we arrive at our destination, which you know I love because then I can run amuck with my planning as much as I like and not have to double check everything with him first, which would drive me insane.

On top of that he stops me from checking the price of tickets after I’ve already booked. He has patiently walked with Dek and Ty while I run around taking pictures. After years of being photographed he has finally dropped the goofy, fake smile and gives me a look of joy as I snap away while he plays with our kids in far off lands.

The superman of our family

Who is this incredible man?

He’s Mike- the dad, the husband, and my best friend.

And a note to my kids- you have no idea how lucky you are that I married this man. You can thank me later.

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  • Lisa

    That’s so sweet! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving – and have a Happy Birthday, Mike!!

  • Michele @ Malaysian Meanders

    Awwww, that’s so sweet. He sounds like a terrific husband, dad and travel partner. Happy Birthday to him and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

  • jenny@atasteoftravel

    Such a beautiful piece to write…..Mike is very lucky to have you!! No really, Mike seems like a treasure. Happy Bithday Mike and Happy Thanksgiving to you all

  • tylersat99

    Sounds like a terrific, thoughtful husband, and fun travel partner for you and the kids. Sounds like you are a great wife for him, very good match. Happy Birthday Mike, Happy Thanksgiving to you all 🙂

  • Mom

    Can your father and I add our thanks that we have such a wonderful son-in-law. A wonderful, loving tribute to a terrific man!

  • Nicole

    Okay, now your making me look bad. Cameron would like to know what I haven’t done a post like this for him 🙂

    What a wonderfully written post and I feel the same way. I feel so lucky to have an amazing father and husband.

    • Reply

      AH- ha ha ha ha! Well the thing with my site is I’m the only one writing for it, so no way for him to write his own, not that he would I’m sure 😉 And there is always Christmas you know. I’m sure Cameron would love it then too. Then again, has he written one for YOU???

  • Charli l Wanderlusters

    This has given me a warm fuzzy feeling!

    Ben and I have been nomadic for the past two years and together for the past eight, (to quote Beyonce no he hasn’t ‘put a ring on it’ can someone please send him a memo) and I am inspired by stories like yours.

    I’m sure in the next few years talk of tiny feet will make us stop and re evaluate our travel plans however I pray we have the strength to continue our adventures while realising our dream of parenthood.

    • Reply

      Charli I’ll give you one tidbit that may help with any fears of parenthood- We travel more now with our kids than we ever did before. It’s not that we didn’t travel, or want to travel more, we just didn’t prioritize. They motivate us to get out the door. There are plenty of nomadic families doing it. You know the lifestyle, now you can just add someone else into it.

  • Elly Mwesiga

    Thanks for sharing. That is sweet of you. I am waiting to read his version too. lol

  • Jenna

    Sweet 🙂 Sounds like you guys make a great team and that you have a wonderful and supportive husband!

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