Finding extra money for travel when you are on a tight budget

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Do you struggle with your travel budget? Do you wish you could find the money to take that trip you always wanted? You are not alone. Almost all of us, no matter our budget or income, wish we had just a little bit more money for travel. This is especially true for parents. We want to give our kids the world, but the world costs a lot and we still have to feed our kids and put them through college. Whether you realize it or not yet, there are some very simple ways to save for travel. You just have to be consistent and be willing to do a few more things at home.

As you may remember, I’ve partnered with Alamo Rent A Car to help parents get a bit more bang for their buck when they travel. This month, I’m tackling 10 ways to save money at home to put towards travel. The trick with these tips, though, is that you have to put that savings aside for your travel. You can’t use it to buy yourself a new TV or those coveted boots you keep eying in the shop. Travel is a conscious decision and one you long to make. I know you do!

These tips for saving money for travel are simple, easy and will not deprive you of your quality of life. There is no clipping coupons, starving yourself or depriving your kids of a healthy lunch each day. But you will have to make some changes to your everyday habits. I promise—I have done all of these, and it has all been for the better. Some have even improved my health. We still live a full life at home, but we now live a full life through travel, too.

Curious what these tips are? Hop over to Alamo Rent A Car Scenic Route to start saving for travel right now.


Extra money for travel


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