Flying British Airways with babies and toddlers

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British AirwaysEvery airline has its quirks and British Airways is no different. From the boarding process to what can be gate checked and what can’t, the more information you have before you board the plane, the more relax you will be. A relaxed parent equals a happy kid… generally speaking.

  • Boarding: Families do get boarding priority over most passengers. If you need the extra time to get settled and stow your bags take advantage of the extra time.
  • Strollers and car seats: you can check your stroller and car seat with your checked bags for free, or you can gate check them. This means you will get a tag from the check in podium at your gate and then leave the items at the bottom of the jet way just before you enter the plane. 
  • Seating: There are a limited number of bulkhead seats reserved for mothers and children. In these seats there is a tray table that can be lowered down so an infant bouncy seat or travel crib can be placed on it. If you want to make sure you get these seats call the airline to make sure you are placed there. But please, if you don’t have a baby, save those seats for the moms that can use the infant bassinets.
  • Infant seating: babies must be out of the provided crib or bouncy chair during take off, landing, and any turbulence. Yes, the turbulence one can cause you to wake the baby up during a nap, but it’s airline policy, and just safer people.
  • Carry-on Baggage: the same carry on limits applies on British Airways as every other major carrier. You get one carry on and one small bag. If you are sitting in the bulkhead seats everything will need to go in the overhead storage during take off and landing.
  • Meals: You MUST request a child’s meal. Just because your offspring is flying on a “child” ticket, does not mean they will automatically get a meal. When you book make sure you request
  • Entertainment: There are a slew of channels that you and your little ones can enjoy on your transcontinental flights. There are movies and television programs for the kids, and a few movies and programs for moms and dads as well. The touch screen makes it easier for tech-savvy toddlers to choose their own programing, but keep an eye on what they pick. They may happen into a movie that could scare them more than you think.

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  • Jenna

    This looks nice! I like the infant seat and the fact that your older one looks so comfortable. I may have to try BA next time 🙂

  • tripsbylance

    If (and it’s a big if) I ever have another child I’ll look into British Airways for our travels. British is probably my favorite of the big airlines.

  • Sally@Toddlers on Tour

    I like that you ask for people not to choose the bulkhead seat unless they have a baby. Unfortunately too many frequent flyers request these seats resulting in more businessmen sitting here than parents with young infants

  • sharon garofalow

    These are great tips! I try to not fly with my kids at all costs. I’m an anxious traveler anyway and I can’t even imagine the migraine I would have trying to get them to behave!

  • Katja

    What annoys me about British Airways (and many other airlines!) is that families are not automatically seated together, you have to pay to choose your seats and to ensure that you are all sitting together. I often fly solo with my two kids (7 and 5) on BA and we have to pay extra to make sure that we are in sat in a row of 3 – after having already paid a fortune for our tickets!