Why Flytographer Might Be the Best Travel Souvenir for Moms

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I never, and I mean never, have photos of me with my kids. Selfies don’t count. I have hundreds of gorgeous portraits and candids of my husband with our boys, but generally I get nothing of me with our boys on trips. This is why Flytographer is the best gift for moms like me.

Flytographer Mom

On top of all of that, I’m not subtle. It’s not like I don’t ask my husband to take photos of me with my boys. He just doesn’t know how. Despite the fact that we met in art school, that is not where his artistic eye resides.

It’s OK. I still love him. I just need him to take my not so subtle hints. You know, the one where I tell him that if he won’t take the photos I crave, he better book the photo session, or at least not complain when I book one, so I can get some decent family photos.

Again, Flytographer to my rescue.

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Flytographer Mom

Family Photo Souvenirs

Now, when I like a product I do tend to gush about it, so be prepared people. I’m officially addicted to Flytographer. We got to try out this photography service in our backyard of Washington, D.C.

I’d heard about Flytographer a few years ago. Friends were posting these gorgeous shots from Paris and London with their kids. What the heck? When did they become professional photographers? Well they hadn’t. They just knew a secret I didn’t. A new service was out there, and naturally, a mom started it.

Nicole Smith, the founder of Flytographer, was in Paris visiting a friend back in 2011. Over and over again they had to ask strangers to take photos of them together, all of which came out blurry or not looking too hot. Finally, they asked a friend to follow them around and take a few casual photos and Smith finally the photos she wanted. Being a savvy Microsoft Marketing Manager, a light bulb went off. What if everyone got to take home great vacation photos? Seed planted, Smith launched Flytographer in 2013 and hasn’t looked back.

Flytographer Mom

Family Photos Across the Globe

Flytographer is located in over 200 cities around the globe. It couldn’t be any easier to book family photo sessions on your vacation. It also works if you just want great photos close to home.

These aren’t just any photographers either. Nope. These are 400 curated, heavily vetted photographers that can be found on every continent except Antarctica (apparently penguins don’t like their picture taken—I kid!).

Many also shoot weddings and have other photo gigs, but they cannot be hired to photograph your wedding through Flytographer. No. This service is just for your vacation photos, although they will do proposal photos. You know, those sneak attack photo sessions where the girl has no idea she is being photographed while the guy pops the question? Yup. That’s how they got those photos. If someone could tell my husband that Flytographer does those too that would be great. He still has to do an official proposal. But that’s a story for a different day!

But let’s get back to our photo shoot and why I’m an addict.

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Flytographer Mom

A Typical Flytographer Photo Shoot

Before the shoot, the process was fairly simple. I picked the package I wanted (60-minutes), browsed the photographer’s portfolios (there are three in D.C.) and requested the photographer and dates I wanted.

My Flytographer concierge Shay got back to me right away to get the ball rolling. Within a day we had the date and time settled on with our photographer Hannah. We picked the location based on Hannah’s recommendation (you can also request a specific spot). I was sent a list of preplanning tips, like what to wear and what to expect.

Now all we had to do was show up.

Flytographer Mom

Washington D.C. Flytographer

We met Hannah at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. on a drizzly Tuesday evening. I was a bit worried about the light, but it ended up being perfect. The crowds were nonexistent.

It was just after cherry blossom season, and normally school groups are swarming the area. Magically we got the steps to ourselves, plus multiple views with no one in the photos! Hannah loves to photograph around the Tidal Basin so she knew the best angles and how to get the Washington Monument in the background.

OK, but you are wondering how she did with my kids.

Check out more of Hannah’s work on Instagram

Flytographer Mom

Flytographer + Kids

My kids are pretty friendly. Since we travel a lot they meet a lot of strangers. That being said, I made the wise decision to tell my boys that we were meeting my friend Hannah who was going to take some nice family photos of us. I had the boys so convinced that we knew her that my husband turned to me in the car and mumbled “have I met her too?” No honey. Mama just knows how to lie really well to her kids.

By the time we saw Hannah the boys were running up to her to say hi. My youngest threw his arms around her, gave her a hug, shot her with his finger pistol (it’s all about the guns in my house these days whether I like it or not) and then ran off to be a ninja with his brother. Yup. That about sums it up.

Hannah and I chatted about what sort of shots I wanted– more casual, more portraits, a mix of both—and how she liked to work. For an hour we wandered around the Jefferson Memorial. We sat on columns, tickled the boys, flipped them upside down, and I even taught my oldest how to do a jump shot.

By the end we were windswept and hungry. We had accomplished our goal though. I was finally in photos with my boys. They had earned the M&Ms I brought with me to bribe them with, and we all went home excited to see the results.

Flytographer Mom

The Final Flytographer Product

About 24 hours after our shoot I got a preview image of our family. Eek! It was adorable. The boys were riding on our backs and everyone looked pretty darn happy. About five days later I got the full batch of images.

I poured over them. And then I sent a text to Hannah gushing over the photos. I have no idea how I will pick which ones to frame for my walls, but you better believe some of those photos of my husband are coming down to make room for me with my boys.

Flytographer Mom

Start Your Own Flytographer Addiction

Now that I’ve had a taste of Flytographer in my hometown, I’m addicted. I want photos of us in London, Edinburgh, Rome, Tokyo and Barcelona! I have memories from our travels all over our house, but so few of them include me. Now that I know I can get professional photos at a very reasonable price I want more.

Flytographer is so low stress. The price is set, so I can easily budget it into our next vacation. How much easier could it get? Also, Flytographer sends me the hi-res photo files, so there is no up charge for prints later on, although I could buy prints through them if I wanted. There is no downside to this.

Wanna check it out? Book your Flytographer session today!

Flytographer Mom

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  1. What a great concept and those photos are awesome! They definitely convey you guys have so much fun on that trip. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite too!

    Definitely jotting this idea for a possibility on a future trip!

  2. Sandy

    Oh wow this is a fantastic idea! Kudos to the lady who came up with it and making it a thriving business and thank-you for sharing it with us!

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