Friday Postcards from FOOD at the National Geographic Museum in DC

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It’s not every day that you walk through a museum and see a photo of your kid hanging on the wall. There was no way that could actually be my kid! To say I was confused would be an understatement. And hey, that wasn’t my table. Who was this doppelgänger masquerading as my son?

Apparently it was a little boy in Denmark, but I’ll get to that later.


FOOD: Our Global Kitchen is one of the three exhibits up at the National Geographic Museum right now. We popped in to see the spinosaurus last weekend and decided to tour through the FOOD exhibit as well. Parts of this farm to table exhibition were a bit dull, but the spots where you could smell different herbs and vegetables (garlic was not a smart choice!) were great for 2-year-old Ty to play with while his big brother scrambled virtual eggs on a computer table. My husband and I were intrigued with the vertical farming since it is something we are looking to do at our new house where sunlight is scarce with all of the trees in our neighborhood.


FOODSo why did I think there was a photo of my 5-year-old son Dek in the exhibit? Well, there was this little blonde boy with curls slurping up a bowl of cereal. This is a scene that has played out in my house since Dek could lift up a bowl. If Dek was just a year or two younger it could be his twin in the photo, stuffed animal and all.

Just for fun we had to try out our own version. Dek’s hair is a bit darker now, but the hair flip in the back is still the same. It may not be my son in that photo on the wall of the FOOD exhibit, but it’s nice to know that little boys manners in Denmark are just as bad as the ones I see at home.

Have you found your doppelgänger


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  • Michele Chan-Thomson

    How sweet! I wonder if the mum of that Danish boy will see this post and show him Dek’s photo.

    I’ve been reading National Geographic’s monthly series about FOOD but didn’t know that there is an accompanying exhibit. Based on what I’ve been reading in the mag, I’d be fascinated by it. They’re asking people to share their FOOD shots with #YourPlate and tag @NatGeo.

    It’s a total coincidence that my post is about food today, too.

  • Mary {The World Is A Book}

    How cute! This looks like such a fun museum to visit. Glad to see you’re out and about exploring all the great museums in your neighborhood.

  • Jenna

    Cute! And I love the idea behind this exhibit. Reminds me of that fascinating “breakfast around the world” series that NYTimes did.

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