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As I drive along route 99 in California gazing at vineyards, dust devils and factories, I think about all of the incredible things we have seen so far. We left less than a week ago and we have already been to the coast of California, the Redwoods and Yosemite. I have loads of stories to share, but they will take time to curate and bring together. I also have some stories and images I just want to share that really have nothing to do with helping other people travel, and everything to do with sharing this incredible cross-country trip with our friends and family. And I am not alone.


Virtual Scrapbook

Not everyone can or wants to be a blogger. Good thing too because it is a lot of work (trust me, it is not all traveling to fabulous places). has made it easy to share your travels with your loved ones without having any technical or design background. And it’s free! Their system makes it easy to drag and drop images, type in stories from the road and continue to update the same page over and over again.

To test out this new site, I built a free digital scrapbook called Road Trip Across America. I was able to put up our rough itinerary and I’ve been updating from the road at each stop. It took me all of five minutes to create my board. The site has fun templates or you can create your own from scratch, playing with colors, text, headlines and textures. You can even share your Tackk on Facebook and Twitter. It has been a fun tool to get to know and work with as we drive thousands of miles (and play endless games of Angry Birds) across the USA.

Mini Travel Guides

Another way I’m using is to create mini guides for friends and family who travel to Seattle. Everyone always wants to know what restaurants and hotels to stay in. Each time I get an email or call about Seattle I have to dig through my tired brain to remember all of the kid-friendly, perfect date night and take out joints we love. I created a Seattle Restaurant Tackk with an easy run down of our favorites plus links to the restaurant sites. I can send this to anyone traveling to the Seattle area the second they ask for my Top 5 favorites spots to eat with the kids. It saves a ton of time and gives my friends a handy reference they can always click on. I can also add new restaurants as I test them out. Anyone can create this for their hometown. Activities, food, hotels, a list of doctors for new residents- Tackk makes it easy to share information in a visual way that everyone can enjoy.


Tips and Tricks for family travel

Lastly, from a professional standpoint I’ve found it easy to build guides for specific issues in travel for new families hitting the road for the first time with their babies or tackling that pesky problem of jet lag with kids. My Jet Lag with Babies and Toddlers Tackk covers all of my best tips and links to more information on my site. It is an easy place for me to curate all of the tips I’ve collected over the years in one handy spot. I can then link it back to my own site and posts to show off.

jet lag guide

How you can do it too

The holidays are coming up and I can’t think of a better time to share photos and travel itineraries with friends and families. For over eight years I have lived 3000 miles away from my family. We have had to rely on Skype and passing photos back and forth via email of the kids opening presents and squealing over their new toys. Now I can upload those photos and videos for our friends in Seattle to enjoy. Tackk makes it easy to follow along on your travels and life’s milestones without a whole lot of effort or time.

Privacy: Many parents are worried about exposing their children to social media too early or sharing their child’s image online for security reasons. Your Tackk does not have to be public. There is a private setting that allows you to share your Tackk only with people you want to and not the general public.

Get started: Sign up for an account (email or via one of your social media accounts) to get started. Pick a theme, play with the colors and fonts, pull photos and video from your desktop or social media accounts and even add in maps.

Headlines and text: There are a few quirks with the text. You can’t change the size. You have to insert a headline box and then a paragraph box (all on the bottom tool bar). Remember, this is not a super sophisticated piece of design software. Tackk is meant to help you get your memories and photos up in a quick, easy and beautiful way. Moms don’t have time for tons of tinkering with layouts. Tackk wants to make it easy for your to show off your style without staying up into the wee hours of the night to do it.


My first virtual scrapbook for our Road Trip Across America is in the works. You can check back every few days for updates. I am also tweeting whenever an update happens directly from so anyone interested can check back for new photos and tales from the road.

We are crossing into Nevada any minute now. It’s dusty and dry out on the road, but there is beauty in those dust devils and water deprived areas. I guess you will have to check out my latest Tackk to see where we are headed next.

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