College Trip to Europe

 In Europe

The kids and I are back from Europe! These past weeks I’ve taken a look back on my past European adventures to celebrate. Many were when I was traveling before Mike and I got married, while others were from our earliest escapades as a couple. Either way it was exciting to hop down memory lane. This week I’m sharing a few shots from my college trip to Europe. Enjoy!

Many years ago, when I was a young bright-eyed college kid, filled with wanderlust, adventure and not thinking about the student loans I was wracking up, I went to Europe. I didn’t do the usual backpacking route; no, I was more practical. I went with my school to finish up a few art history classes.

In three weeks we covered Venice, Florence and the South of France, seeing every single piece of art and architecture you could possibly imagine.

As you can imagine, I had a very hard time going to museums for many years after this trip.

I did however take a lot of photographs.

I had the time and energy to do night shoots, stalk people in their daily lives and look for the perfect light before capturing a moment.

Nowadays I feel like I barely frame up a shot before clicking the shutter and moving on. It’s not always that bad, but some times with kids you just have to shoot in the light you are given or miss out on the perfect moment because other things are more important.

That trip to Europe in college shaped a part of who I was. I may not have wanted to go to museums for a while, but I was ready to see more of Europe. Lucky for me I had an aunt who was just as eager. We went to Portugal.


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  • Sonja

    Is that last photo in Portugal? It’s fantastic.

  • Dave

    When I was a senior in college I went with two of my roommates to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Stockholm…in January. Despite the freezing cold, was still an awesome trip.

  • Kate

    Beautiful. You are so organized to have access to all those great photos. My photos from college are stuffed in a shoe box & stuck in the basement somewhere. Your trip reminds of my 3-week visit to Ireland during my sophomore year of college…I think we saw as many castles as you saw museums. 🙂

  • Becca@ R We There Yet Mom?

    Your photographs are always stunning to me – they seem to tell a story without needing any narration from you at all.

    Thanks for linking up this week.

  • memographer

    As I always say- Good times. Good memories. Great set of pics! The second from top is my favorite. Most people don’t look up when they walk… A huge mistake! There is another world existing above us. And your photo is a perfect example.

  • Andy

    Pictures of Europe never really get old. There is always a way to capture beauty in photos when traveling through Europe.

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