Accidental Road Trip Around Maui


I have a lot of photos. That is putting it mildly. I’ve taken tens of thousands of photos since my dad first handed me a camera when I was 8 years old. For the rest of the summer, and maybe beyond, I’m going to dive into my archives and rediscover a few fun adventures I’ve taken over the years with and without my family. Just a little something to add some oomph to your Friday as you head into the weekend.

I started to recap our adventure down to Oregon this week. I thought it only fitting to dig through the archives and find photos from an accidental road trip we took around the northwest side of Maui back in 2010. Basically we started driving north from Lahaina towards a beach we had heard about. A 5-month-old Dek promptly fell asleep in the car. What else could I do but keep driving. I sure wasn’t going to wake him up.

The loop back to Lahaina didn’t look that big on the map. We could alway turn around if we needed too. Little did I now just how narrow those roads would be or just how far the drive was.

In the end everything worked out for the best. Dek took a nice nap, while Mike and I got to see a side of the island we probably never would have thought to see. I also discovered Julia’s Banana Bread and Passion Fruit Butter. Divine!

If you ever get to Maui do yourself a favor and drive around the northwest side. You may just find an unexpected adventure. 

Carved graffiti on a rock face

Surfers waiting for the next wave

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  • Emily

    Beautiful shots! I love the first and last shots with their stunning color! Thank you for sharing. As a fellow lover of the PNW I am excited to have found another blog to follow along with :o).

    • © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      Thanks so much for popping over. Loved your King Tut image. You reminded me that we have to get over there and see the exhibit before it leaves the country!

  • lisa wood

    Now that sounds like one magical road trip even if it was accidental 🙂 Love your photos (and your idea to look through your collection!)

  • Becca@R We There Yet Mom?

    We do unexpected road trips around here but not on vacation – I love the thought of getting in the car and exploring!

    Thanks for linking up this week!

  • Tamar Strauss-Benjamin

    Wow! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  • Kate

    We know the accidental “road trip” (via the sleeping baby) all too well now. Haven’t done it in such a spectacular location yet though! My husband and I got engaged in Maui, and did this beautiful drive while we were there. Love that banana bread! We’ll have to go back so the little guy can try it.

  • Steve

    Great adventure, but consider yourself lucky that Dek fell asleep on an island. Imagine where you would have ended up if you’d been driving on the I5!

  • Sonja

    We did that once on accident, too. Only later did we discover it was against the rental car policy.

  • Paula J

    Such amazing photos and experiences you’ve had!! I can travel through your blog 🙂

  • Tonya

    It looks like you have a great time exploring. Sadly our ‘accidental’ road trips typically turn into an arguement between my husband and I.

  • BusyMomofTwins

    Visiting from the Monday Mingle. So glad that I did! What a beautiful blog. Looking forward to following you.

  • Amy

    These are just beautiful!

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