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Walking through the town of Geyserville in Northern California really does make you understand why more people don’t come to this part of Sonoma County. There isn’t a whole lot to it. However, that is where its charm really does come into play. This is not a mega destination like Napa and Sonoma, or even Lodi, which has been an up and coming wine area for a while now in the state.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to stay on the outskirts of this little town. There aren’t many lodging options in the area, so I was at the Geyserville Inn while I checked out the Francis Ford Coppola Winery just a short drive away. I had an hour to kill so I walked into town. A friend had told me it was only a 5-6 block walk. She is a runner, so I can forgive her for the miscalculation. It felt more like a mile, and I do not walk a mile in under 10 minutes, which is my usual time for a few city blocks.


I thought I had taken a wrong turn out of the inn (she said go left, but maybe she meant right?), but slowly I saw signs of life. First there were the crazy sculptures. Installations had been set up in front of the elementary school and in residents’ front yards. Supposedly these were permanent installations put up by various artists. I’m curious to see who still has their sculpture up in a few years.

Geyserville didn’t boast a lot, but they did have a few restaurants, Catelli’s being the highest recommended spot, as well as a coffee shop, two general stores, a horse tack shop, a few tasting rooms and one funky driveway vintage shop. I was there after hours so maybe there was more to this shop, but if all there was to see was what was in the drive way I would have been happy. The prices were a bit high for being in the middle of nowhere, but some of the finds, like the old children’s bench, gumball machine and wine holders, were really fun if you were going for that shabby chic farm look at your house.

My walk back to the inn was filled with mountain views and vineyards. Farmers and vineyard workers were heading home from a long day of harvesting the vines. The harvest came early this year thanks to the drought, so everyone was working overtime to get the grapes picked in time. The sun was still warming up the pavement under my feet, adding a new layer of sweat to my body (I knew I should have showered after my walk!). It was good to get out into this little town that really didn’t have much going for it, but was really all you would need for a weekend in wine country.



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  • Jill

    The photos of the actual town of Geyserville remind me of the small town of Makaweo on Maui. We spent an afternoon there while visiting and though there wasn’t alot to do it was very enjoyable and everyone was friendly. Great photos!

  • Tara

    Your photos make the place seem totally charming and whimsical, and I would never guess that Geyersville is a sleepy town. I love the dog sculpture and what I assume is the driveway antique shop.

  • Kirsten

    Sometimes it’s just fun to stray off the beaten path, isn’t it? I love all your photos, especially the one of the grapes. I’ve never been to Geyersville, but it looks like it was worth the visit!

  • Dia

    Great pics! Definitely an undiscovered side of what I thought was a well-covered area.

  • Dia

    Great pics! Definitely an undiscovered side of what I thought was a well-covered area.

  • Lesley

    I’d love the mountain views and vineyards. California is such a beautiful state. I can’t think of many areas that I don’t love. It looks charming.

  • Debbie

    LOL – I can totally relate. I’m always leery when someone says “Oh, it’s just up the block.” Or “It’s about a 5 minute drive.” Not sure what clock they are using. 🙂

    Great photos, especially the one of the Meeker Vineyard building.

    I’ve yet to stop in Geyserville, but may have to do so the next time I’m up in that area.

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