Friday Postcards from Levanto Italy

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Levanto Italy. Not a place many people have heard of. More travelers know the Cinque Terre, but visitors, especially families were missing out. This little seaside escape is just north of the Cinque Terre, only a five-minute train ride from Monterosso.

So why am I telling you about this little town? Well, when we went to book an apartment with everything that was big enough for our crazy little party of two moms traveling together with their three kids all under the age of five was booked up or out of our budget or just too far from the center of town. We needed a place that was convenient to wander with the kids. Levanto had a few promising properties, all at the right price, within town and it even had a beach. What more could we want?

My friend Tai and I found a lovely 2-bedroom with a huge patio just minutes to the center of town and the beach. It made it easy to slide into Italian time and enjoy the town from a local perspective. We splashed in the water, ate gelato from at least three shops and even developed a morning ritual of grabbing coffee and pastries at the local bakery before we wandered off to our next nearby adventure. It was blissful.

My favorite thing to do in our downtime with the boys was to head to the beach to search for sea glass. Ty really got into it with me. Dek preferred diging in the sand or splashing in the waves, but Ty loved the outpour of praise I gave every time he found a piece of that smooth green, clear and sometimes brown glass. Avi, Tai’s one year old, wasn’t as interested in the sand or surf, but she sure loved her gelato. She had her first taste in Levanto and for the rest of the trip she was hooked. This lazy little town soon felt like home, but all too soon we had to pack up to head inland to Tuscany. There was more gelato there to sample and we were out to find the best.

Levanto Levanto Levanto

Levanto Levanto Levanto Levanto Levanto

Levanto Levanto Levanto

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  • Neysha

    Oh I LOVE your pictures! They’re so crisp and captivating. I need to go to Italy right. now.

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