Friday Postcards from the Grand Canyon’s South Rim


While undertaking a monumental move it is only fitting that you visit a few monuments while you do it. And really, does it get much bigger than the Grand Canyon? So let’s get something clear right away. The Grand Canyon is big. Very big. Very very big. It’s as big as you think it is and then some.

During our cross country road trip to Maryland were only able to spend a few hours exploring the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, but it was worth it. We snapped a few photos, did a little hiking with the boys (i.e. walk to the rail and back), before we had to hit the road and get to Albuquerque to sleep for the night as we made our way to the east coast. It was time to make up for our week of wandering the national parks on the west coast. We would be hauling it for 3 days to get to Maryland in time for my husband Mike’s to start his new job.

We did not give the Grand Canyon the time it was due, but we considered our visit a scouting mission. Next time we will ride down the Colorado river. Oh how much I have in store for my boys when they are teenagers. They have NO idea. Meanwhile, we will have the memories of that first visit to keep us going as we unpack and start our new life outside of Washington, D.C.

Have you been to the Grand Canyon? How much time would you spend there? 



Friday Postcards

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Can you see the Colorado River WAY down there?

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  • Mary {The World Is A Book}

    Beautiful family photo! Love it! The Grand Canyon is one of our favorite parks and you had great weather. I’m glad you were able to make a stop here. We’ve spent three days at the Grand Canyon a few years ago but didn’t make it down to the Colorado River. Next time… Hope you’re settling in well in your new neighborhood.

  • Eileen @ FamiliesGO!

    we visited the Grand Canyon as a 1-day side trip from Vegas, pre-kids. Not enough time because you can’t stop staring at it. I surely want to go back, ideally for at least a night and perhaps trying to spend overnight at the bottom.

  • Steve

    How long would I visit the Grand Canyon? I’ve been a couple of times, once I drove from the north rim around and then along the south rim. Another time I gook my family to the main visitor center and lodge on the south rim and we spent a few hours there. I think unless you are going take the donkeys into the canyon, then spending part or most of day driving there and enjoying the view from the rim is enough time.

    And great pictures! thanks.


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