Friday Postcards from Multnomah Falls

 In Oregon, USA

In early August my aunt and I hatched a plan. She has been coming out to Seattle for over 30 years to visit friends. She has seen more of the Pacific Northwest than I have after living here for eight years. When she came to visit this summer I didn’t want to just do the same old stuff we always did together, I wanted to see something new. Lucky for me, my aunt (who is the first person to take me out of the country to Mexico when I was 16) is always up for an adventure. We both had never been to Crater Lake. It was time we went.


Now I couldn’t take an eight hour drive with my two little guys without at least one stop along the way. Multnomah Falls is about three and a half hours from Seattle, just 45 minutes outside of Portland. It was a logical stop along the way. I planned out our route so we would be there by lunch, see the falls, eat at the lodge and be on our way.

We ended up stopping for over two hours, not something I had originally planned on, but in the end it was worth the extra time. I had hoped to make it to Ashland, Oregon, our home base for our Crater Lake adventures, by dinner, but that wouldn’t be happening.


The four of us hiked around the falls a bit. We didn’t go to the top because I had left my baby carrier in the car and there was no way I was going to carry a 2-year-old Ty in my arms the entire way. The mist coming off the falls was a welcome relief from the heat of crowds and the summer sun beating down. We were able to catch a few glimpses of the Columbia River Gorge from the path that leads to the top of the falls, but my best photos came from a scenic pull off on our way back to the highway.

Before we left, the boys had to check out the gift shop, I grabbed a Christmas ornament, and we had a nice quiet lunch at the Multnomah Falls Lodge. A few minutes after we got back in the car Ty passed out for a nap (wahoo!) and Dek (who is four) happily watched movies and played games as we cruised down I-5 towards Ashland. It was the beginning of what would turn out to be one heck of a three-day adventure, and it certainly started us off on the right foot for a Pacific Northwest adventure.



Friday Postcards

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  • Mary {The World Is A Book}

    Beautiful photos! Love Multnomah Falls and you guys were there on a great day. Hope to make it back one of these days.

  • Michele {Malaysian Meanders}

    I think it’s great when you have the time to linger at a place if it really interests you and the kids. I can see why Multnomah Falls kept you there longer than you had planned.

  • jill

    Great photos! I spent a very wet afternoon at Multonomah Falls in a very wet 3 day weekend in Oregon. It was definitely a highlight of the trip.

  • Corinne

    There is no better feeling that the spray off a waterfall, is there?

  • Kate @WildTalesof...

    Haven’t been to Multnomah Falls either though I keep meaning to make a side trip during one of our Portland visits! Such a beautiful sight. Great photo of you and the boys! 🙂

  • Tonya

    Multnomah Falls is on my list to see when I’m able to make it to the Pacific NW to explore. It looks beautiful.

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