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I have rarely, if ever been to an aquarium on my own, at least not since my kids were born. I’ve spent six years hopping from exhibit to exhibit, sometimes being forced to skip my favorite parts thanks to potty emergencies or tantrums. It was finally my turn and I got it at one of the largest aquariums in America– the Georgia Aquarium. 


Located in Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium had Amazon river fish, two albino alligators, four whale sharks, piranas, rays, beluga whales, dolphins, and my favorite– jelly fish. I was in Atlanta for a conference, so I didn’t have much time to use the Atlanta CityPass they gave me, but I knew I had to get to that aquarium. It was supposed to be on par with the Osaka Aquarium, which is one of my favorites in the world.

I entered quickly, even though my camera bag had to go through security, and made a beeline for the jellyfish. I love photographing these squishy dudes. Aquariums sure know how to show off all of their colors too by using blue backdrops and great lighting. I spent at least a third of my time in the few windows of jellyfish that they had on display. I had to constantly wait for people to stop posing in front of them for pictures. It was kind of annoying, but what are you going to do? Families like selfies with jellyfish and I can’t really blame them. I mean, it’s not like you are going to try to get a family photo with jellyfish in the wild!


I almost skipped the river section of the aquarium. I wanted to make sure I had time to pop next door to the Center for Civil and Human Rights, a new museum in downtown Atlanta. I’m glad I didn’t. The very first exhibit is of Amazon River fish. I don’t know how I have never seen these beauties before, but apparently I have been really missing out. Maybe the kids had distracted me, or maybe no other aquarium that I have been to has this type of Amazon fish, but I was mesmerized. The patterns and colors were out of a sci-fi novel. Flourescent orange with white spots and a yellow splotch. Blue flat fish with red eyes and black streaks across the side. I thought the jellyfish would be the highlight of my visit, but I think those Amazon River fish nudged them out.

It was a treat to have the aquarium to myself. OK, not to myself since there were a few hundred other people there, but I got to explore at my pace, not my kids’ pace. I did miss showing them the new creatures I discovered, but I was able to come back with incredible stories and photos to share with them.

Where is your favorite aquarium? 



Friday Postcards

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  • Priya

    Gorgeous pictures!

  • Jill

    Stunning photos! I just realized that I have never been to an aquarium without kids. Gonna have to make time for that. The Atlanta aquarium looks like a good one to visit.

  • Tara

    My zoo/aquarium photos just never have that vibrant look. These are beautiful. Our favorite aquarium is teeny-tiny, in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. You can visit in an hour, but it just has a great feel. There’s also a 200 pound lobster.

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