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I haven’t waxed on about food in a while. I think it’s high time I did. So let’s talk about my love affair with crepes, only second to my love affair with French toast.

This was not a sudden infatuation. Oh no, it started when I was young. My mother used to make us crepes for breakfast, albeit they were not super fancy French crepes, but they did the job. And then I went to France. Well that ruined homemade crepes for me forever. I can still eat ones I make at home, but nothing will ever top what I had in the South of France the summer after my junior year of college. I have found a few spots that can satisfy my cravings though.

One such crepiere was found in Whistler this past weekend. My friend over at suggested we try Crêpe Montagne Whistler during our visit. Never one to say no to breakfast food, we headed there our first morning in town.

An open window in an open kitchen sends the savory and sweet smells out onto the street

Good food served by a friendly staff will make my family smile every time

Crêpe Montagne is located along Main Street just across from the Summit Lodge. It is unassuming and almost strip mall in outside appearance. Yet there was a line up at the door. I peaked inside. It was small with very few tables and an open kitchen. It was quaint. It was perfect.

The entire staff spoke French, a novelty for sure at a crepe place outside of France (and Montreal), yet somehow so fitting in this melting pot of nationalities that converged on this not so sleepy ski town. We were greeted with warmth and affection on our first trip. We were welcomed as old friends by the third. Yes, I said third. This became our daily breakfast ritual before each morning’s activity.

Dek cozied up in our corner table with a decidedly quaint cafe feel to it.

Dek had the female wait staff wrapped around his finger. They had me falling more in love each time they remembered that Dek’s beverage of choice was a small glass of milk with a straw it. One of our favorite servers even posed for pictures after Dek stole my camera and entertained himself by snapping away at anyone and everything in sight.

But how was the food? It was excellent. The atmosphere only added to its appeal. The French onion soup was salty and fragrant, just the way a pregnant lady likes it. The jam crepe satisfied my sweet tooth after all of that salty broth. Mike rested peacefully after his filling Rockies breakfast crepe. He didn’t even have room to beg for a bite of my crepe. He just picked a little off of Dek’s kid meal of eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast we ordered that first morning.

Our motto at Crêpe Montagne? Never have anything twice! Keep trying more.

Salty french onion soup topped off with a jam crepe made for the perfect brunch our first morning

I thought my favorite crepe would be the jam. I was hesitant to push their culinary limits. I don’t know why. I’m just so picky after France. The second morning I ventured into the sweet strawberry crepe. The fruit had obviously been frozen at some point, but the crepe was still satisfying. I didn’t want to have a repeat on our third and final morning, so I took the plunge and ordered the Oh! Berries crepe, a warm mix of berries and fresh crème anglaise. I was happily surprised by the crème anglaise. It wasn’t too sweet. I’ve had some that can rot your teeth. This crème anglaise balanced out the sweet of the berries perfectly. It let each flavor of berry and crepe be heard with through every bite. In short, I wish I had ordered it sooner.

Maybe next year Dek will be interested in sharing a little fondue with me

The restaurant also boasts a fondue dinner along with several savory crepes. Mike is not a big fan of fondue. I will need to “drag” a few friends back up with us on our next trip. The Fondue Provençale sounds too good to pass up and I’m not sure I can finish a pot on my own along with the goat cheese crepe I’ve had my eye on since our return. Plus, you know, I’ll have to have room for dessert. Who’s in?

Don’t be fooled by the simple exterior. The interior atmosphere, service and food will have you coming back for more.

Know Before You Go

  • Crêpe Montagne, #116-4368 Main Street, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4 Canada (behind Market Place IGA and down the way from 7-11. Across the street from Summit Lodge.) Tel: 604-905-4444
  • Hours: 8am-10:30pm
  • Prices: breakfast is the least expensive meal, dinner will run you up quite a tab
  • Reservations: NO
  • Take-out: YES, anything on the menu can be ordered to go.
  • Wait times: the wait on a weekend can be up to 20 minutes in winter. Put your name in, walk over to Blenz for a coffee to go and by the time you get back your table will be ready. They keep tables moving pretty fast, but no so fast you feel rushed to finish your meal.
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  • Tara McLaughlin

    Stop writing about all the amazing food that I can’t reach. 🙂

    • Reply

      I’m sorry lady. You are in Switzerland! You can have amazing food I can only dream of on a daily basis! You, me, fondue in the fall. Wahoo! Or we can meet up in Paris and go on a crepe tour. You decide 😉

  • Laurel

    Gotta love a day that starts off with crepes!

  • cravesadventure

    You can wax on about crepes all day long because I love them too:) Thanks for sharing!

  • Cathy

    The blueberry crepe is mouthwatering!

  • Lisa Wood

    I am in love with the photos – imagine the tasting of it all!!! Yummy – it all sounds so good…wonder when I can make a trip to Whistler as our number one must-see places…just so we can try the crepes!

  • ryukyumike

    Yummy !

  • Debbie @ European Travelista

    Love crepes! They make me feel like I am in France 🙂 Your photos are great. Now I need to go make some crepes.

  • Trish {tripstyler}

    Thanks for the shout-out and glad you loved it. You’re right, from the outside you wonder “is this place going to be good”? And then you get inside and its bliss –from the paper-thin crepes to the overhanging lantern decor.

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