Getting to the Osaka Aquarium

 In Japan

The Osaka subway system is amazingly easy to follow, once you get your bearings. We were staying at a hotel right across the street from Namba station, which made travel even easier. It’s almost as if I had planned it that way (actually I did. I think it’s the first time it ever worked out that way in my history of traveling!).

No matter where you are staying, you want to get yourself on to the Chou line (light teal on the subway map inside the handy “Osaka Japan Namba Terminal Complex Guide”- available all over the place). We took the Sennichimae line (pink on the map) from Namba station, to the Awaza stop and transferred over to the Chou line, road it three stops to Osakako station. As soon as you get off the train there are signs pointing you to the aquarium.

If you are like me and you doubt the signs and the direction you should be going in (I’m usually an idiot in this way), then just head towards the giant ferris wheel. When you get to the giant ferris wheel, turn left. You will see the huge, geometric aquarium right away. If you do not see this building then you have either landed into a large body of water (the harbor) or will be headed into a neighborhood of who knows what.

In case you are traveling with a little one who is demanding milk or some other snack, there is a Lawson’s convenience store as soon as you get down the steps from the train station. It was pretty hot while we were in Japan, so we became familiar with all of the lovely quicky marts they had to offer.

Aquarium travel breakdown: 

  • Take the Chou line to Osakako station.
  • Walk to the ferris wheel
  • Turn left and you are there

Osaka Aquarium Japan

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