Ghost Among the Green at the WA Arboretum


A couple of weeks ago I looked at Dek and said enough. We were going to go outside. It wasn’t raining…at the moment. We would do a quick morning trip down to the Japanese Garden to see what was in bloom. Dek gave me no argument, so we headed out the door.

I drove along Lake Washington Boulevard in Seattle through the Washington Arboretum keeping my eye out for the garden entrance. I always seem to shoot past it. Just before the entrance I almost slammed on my brakes. There before us was a magnificent cherry tree in full bloom. It glowed like a white ghost among the greenery. Talk about a pop of color.

Dek and I proceeded to the Japanese Garden, but I couldn’t get that tree out of my mind. I caught a glimpse of it from a garden path and decided we should go and explore. We took a short walk down the road to the corner of East Interlaken Boulevard. There it was, my first fully bloomed cherry tree of the season. I could not have been happier.


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  • Becky from

    Just beautiful!

    • © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels


  • Lisa

    Great photos – I’m glad you found the cherry tree!

  • Kelly

    oh, oh, oh, these pics made my heart sing!

  • Lisa Wood

    Love your photos of your trees 🙂 Gorgeous that you got out and about even though it was a wet day!

  • brenda

    wow – spectacular shots!

  • Evette

    What a lovely place to explore on a day when you HAVE to get outdoors. That Cherry tree is STUNNING!

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