Friday Postcards from butterfly heaven in Great Smoky Mountains National Park Tennessee


This week I’ve been exploring Sevierville, TN. I’ve found theme parks, food and thrilling adventures for families to enjoy together, but nothing can compare to what I found in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park at Greenbriar.



While gazing at the river, I noticed a butterfly walking along the ground. I thought it was hurt until it came to two other butterflies of the same coloring. They looked snuggled up as if taking a quick nap in the shade of a tree root. It was a magical moment for me. A nice mist was coming off the water as it lazily ran down the river. I felt like I was in a fairy land. Little did I know that this would be just the first batch of butterflies I would see.

After another stop farther up river I saw dozens of small white butterflies, a blue butterfly, and more black and yellow butterflies playing together, eating and having a merry time in the forest. Most of them didn’t take flight the second my feet started moving their way. They stayed put, content with their life, just as much as I was content to give them their space, but also sneak into a crouch to get a few photos.

I’ve seen plenty of butterflies in the wild, but never so many in one place. The butterflies I have met also never let me get close enough for a photo of them in their natural habitat. It is a moment I will not soon forget, and one I hope to repeat again very soon.

Have you ever gotten close enough to touch a butterfly? 



Friday Postcards

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    Those are some great shots of butterflies!

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