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Many thanks to Hurtigruten for sponsoring today’s post and encouraging me to visit Norway and see the Northern Lights.

As many of you know, we went in search of the Northern Lights last spring in Reykjavik, Iceland with absolutely no success. We had one chance to see them and the lights never showed. This has vexed me ever since. How could we go all that way and never see them, not even once? It was an amazing trip, but we missed that one item on our travel wish list that I had been dreaming about for months.


Enter Hurtigruten Cruises. Now, I don’t talk about cruises very often. I don’t like that they seem to be more about sitting by the pool than actually seeing the ports they visit, but a Norway Cruise from Hurtigruten is different. You are on the ship all night long as you cruise through the Artic circle. Your chance of seeing the northern lights goes up every time you walk out on the balcony. You don’t have one chance to catch them; you have night after night to view the northern lights, which will hopefully be shining brightly for the majority of your trip.

Yes, you could take a cruise with other companies, but here is how Hurtigruten Voyages is setting themselves apart. First of all, they are smaller ships. It isn’t about the luxury onboard or the swooping slides to the pool, it is about getting into the ports, visiting the small villages, tasting the local food and escaping to the snowy countryside every chance you get. You will cruise through Norway’s famous fjords (your kids will get to see the landscapes of Frozen!) and pass UNESCO World Heritage sites along a 1,000 miles of Norway’s coastal waterway. You can see a lot from the boat, but to truly experience a new place, you need to get off the boat.



Dog sledding has been one of those things that I see other families doing with their kids but I’ve never gotten the chance to try out myself. A Norway cruise to see the Northern Lights with Hurtigruten offers dog sledding as one of their excursions. In one week I could cross the Northern Lights and dog sledding off my travel wish list. Sounds good to me.

Dogs and lights won’t hold my boys for long. We could also try snowmobiling, take a sleigh ride with a few of Santa’s helpers, visit the Altanterhavsparken Aquarium, eat our fill at the Lofotr Viking Feast, tour the Artic capital of Tromso and visit Norway’s only gothic cathedral- Nidaros in Trondheim. Just thinking about it is getting me excited to visit with my boys, who are only 2 and 5 years old, ages that most parents would think is a waste on their kids, but I know would continue to shape them and blow their minds. I mean come on. They would have been to the Artic Circle before they start grade school!


Grab a deal

Hurtigruten offers several cruises throughout the year, but with the astronomers predicting this could be one of the best years to see the Northern Lights, you aren’t going to want to wait. For a family of four the cost can seem prohibitive, but this is a once in a life time trip. If you want to see the lights, you want to see them in the best way possible, even if it means you have to drag the kids out of school to take advantage of discount sailings. I think their teachers will understand.


Sample pricing

Winter Coastal Voyages

  • 6, 7, 11, & 12 day Voyages
  • Starting at $965 per person

In Search of the Northern Lights Package

  • 6-Day Voyage
  • 1-Night Hotel
  • Starting at $879 per person

*prices do not include airfare


The Northern Lights are one of those magical occurrences that families with kids of all ages can appreciate. Babies will look up in wonder as colors lights fill the sky. Older kids get bragging rights, and mom and dad make a few unforgettable memories they can talk about around the dinner table for years. I may not be much of a cruiser (yet), but I’m seriously thinking of booking a trip to Norway sooner rather than later to see those lights.Hurtigruten-Cruises

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  • Teresa

    Great post and looks like a fun cruise!

  • Hayley Swinson

    So cool! What a good idea if you’re keen on seeing the lights. I’m off to Reykjavik in a couple weeks to try to do just that! Hope I don’t miss them. Any must-dos while I’m there?

    • Keryn Means

      Hayley- definitely check out the Golden Circle Tour. The Blue Lagoon is fun, but the Golden Circle blew us away. It is a day trip worth the price for sure!

  • Jennifer @ Solo Travel Girl

    Bummer you didn’t get to see the Northern Lights in Iceland! I’m hoping to check it off my list sooner than later. Great post!

    • Keryn Means

      One of these days I’ll get to see them Jennifer. Maybe on a cruise next time 😉

  • Kara {Our Whole Village}

    Sounds like an amazing trip. We aren’t big into cruises either. But, after our Patagonia cruise, I definitely understand the unique advantages to small ship cruises in certain destinations. This one would definitely fit the bill!

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