If Anyone Can Travel Why Don’t You?

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Stepping out your front door to see the world isn’t as hard as you might think

I’ve had some people suggest that we travel a lot. Why yes, I guess we do. Compared to many friends and a whole lot of family we do take off in an airplane, car, bus and our own two feet quite a lot. I don’t see this as out of the ordinary, but other people do. For me it is just a way of life. It is how my brain works. I have to be going somewhere at all times. If I’m not physically moving in that direction than I have to be planning towards moving my feet towards unknown domestic or foreign soil.

So when people look at me and wonder how we can travel so much, I look at them and wonder how they can’t?

Sure there are lots of excuses we can all use, money and vacation time being the biggest ones. These are both tough obstacles to get around to be sure. Let’s tackle vacation time first.

Vacation Time

If you are living in the USA, 2 weeks vacation is a luxury to many employees, if they get paid time off at all. Then again, an astounding percentage of people don’t take the vacation time they are paid for. They simply can’t find the time to take off even though it is part of their benefits package when they take the job. By not taking your vacation you are basically handing your boss two weeks of your pay. You just lost money at a job you claim doesn’t pay you enough to take a vacation.

Paid time off: If you do get paid time off, use it. Stock piling it for a rainy day really isn’t doing you much good. Your family needs you to relax and unwind. Your kids need your undivided attention, if only for a day. Weekends at home don’t count. Chores, errands and random other tasks get in the way. It’s too hard to relax with so many of life’s stresses in front of you at all times.

How do you stretch those measly days into a truly relaxing holiday? Well, the government gives everyone an allotted number of national holidays. Most companies adhere to these public holidays and give their employees the day off. Take advantage of them. Have New Years Day off? Take the family away that week. Instead of using 5 vacation days, you will only have to take 3-4 days off. This is the main way I have stretched our vacation time over the years.

No paid time off: Sadly this is part of a bad economy and an even worse mentality of corporate America trying to get all they can from its employees, especially those earning minimum wage. There is a way to get around this though. Start planning ahead. True you may not be able to take a week off, but can you take a day or two? Start putting a little money aside each month from your paycheck to cover the money you would loose by taking a day off. See how fast you can save up. Cut out your morning latte and cut back on the amount of cable TV you have. Every penny saved gets you one hour closer to a day off.

Quality time with your family is worth every saved penny


Money is a huge obstacle and on everyone’s mind these days. Many people are just trying to put food on the table. The idea of that luxury, all-inclusive trip they see being advertised on the back page of the Travel section in the newspaper seems like a far off dream only the incredibly wealthy can afford. Maybe that’s true. Having never been to an all-inclusive resort I wouldn’t know. Who says that is the only way you can travel with your family though? Do you have enough for a tank of gas? You do? Then head out in any direction and drive for 2 hours to see where it will take you. Growing up we used to love driving down to the Jersey Shore for a day of fun in the sun and sand. My family was in no way wealthy, pretty much the opposite, but we managed to get to the beach a few days every summer. Let’s look at other ways you can make your dollar stretch.

Who do you know? Growing up my great uncle would let us borrow his cabin on a lake in New Hampshire for 2 weeks every summer. This was my mother’s little slice of bliss each year. We never could have afforded a trip like that on my father’s salary, but with a free place to stay we could swing it. All we had to do was put gas in the car, fill the cabin with our favorite foods and try not to kill each other on the 9-hour drive up. Don’t think you know anyone? Start asking around. You have 500 friends on Facebook, can you swap houses with one of them for a few days?

Where are you spending your money? If you are penniless at the moment or in a jumble of debt but dream of taking a little adventure look at how you are spending your money right now. Are there ways you can cut back?

    • Netflix vs. Cable TV
    • Homebrewed coffee vs. lattes from Starbucks
    • Thrift and consignment shop clothing for your growing kids vs. brand name and designer looks
    • Pack your lunch for work vs. buy your lunch every day
    • Individual cell phone plans vs. family plans
    • Clip coupons, shop sales and buy generic brands vs. all name brands
    • Use what is in your refrigerator and freezer vs. buying excess food you end up throwing away

Maybe you can’t run off to a tropical beach but you can still go out and explore something new and exciting on any budget

Now that you have looked at ways to save for your trip, look into your travel options. Depending on how much you can sock away you may have more options than you think.

  • What is the cheapest airplane, train or bus ticket you can buy to get you out of town?
  • How far can you go on a tank of gas?
  • What cheap lodging options are there? Camping, cabins, motels, hostels? Start looking.

You can yell all you want that here I am on my high horse lecturing people how to travel as much as we do. I do travel a lot, but I’ve looked at all areas of my life to see how I can make it possible. Travel is priority #1 in my house (after feeding the kid that is). We all have different priorities, but that is mine.

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  • Susan Verbeeck

    I agree totally ..on all accounts ! Being on the move, planning, saving up for the experiences..and who ever invented the “Staycation” concept ?! If you stay home on your paid vacation, you just see all the work that needs to be done and have to stare at the same 4 walls you have been surrounded by the whole year. Get out and get a new perspective ! Thanks for your tips and inspiration,

  • Jodi

    This is such a great post! People just don’t want to make the sacrifices which are necessary for travel! Most of the people who raise their eyebrows at my travels, they are driving around in large SUVs and are using the latest blackberry phones. Travel must be a priority, not an afterthought if you want to travel more!

  • trip styler


  • Francy R

    I’m among those who thing that it’s worth travelling at any time. I’d rather to save money on my ordinary life for moving around at least three times a year1 Iìd like to increase the amount of ny journeys but nowadays it’s a bit hard! Anyway…I keep travelling until I can!

  • Renee

    Loving the new look!!! I love to travel too and at least plan 6 trips for the year and sometimes more. Family and Friends look at us a little weird at times, but we are enjoying life and that is what matters! Thanks for sharing and Have a Great Day:)

  • Clark Vandeventer

    We do a lot of the same things you guys do — Netflix instead of cable, etc. — because travel is a priority for us and that’s where I want to put my money. I think a lot of people look at us as travelers and assume we have and do all the same things they do (i.e. Starbucks, weekend trips to the mall, etc…) AND we travel on top of that. In reality, we’re each just living out our priorities. Their priority is for the trappings of life at home. Our priority is that next big trip!

  • Rachel Denning

    These are very practical tips. Thanks for sharing them.

    Not many people realize how much travel they can do, and with how little, until they really start considering the possibilities.

  • Terri @ Travel 50 States with Kids

    Great post! I know too many people who don’t know what they’re missing when it comes to travel. I love your quote “Quality time with family is worth every saved penny.”

  • Lisa Wood

    I love your tips on how to save up for travelling. And also great that you had a place to go to when you were younger (Fantastic Uncle to have such a great place – love it!)
    Its so true how much you can cut back on to make travelling possible…without having those extra coffees when out and about makes a big difference.
    We are getting ready to move on, and we cant wait. Travel sure is addictive!

  • natalie

    It is amazing how much money we spend and don’t realise. We travelled 6 months in our kombi camper with 3 kids and had a ball. We are currently stopped to save and we are exploring Western Australia. Although we are now in a town house, we dont have Tv, takeout or designer clothes but we are all healthy and happy and saving hard.

  • Diya

    What’s with people not using their paid time off? I never understood it…! Thanks for sharing the creative travel ideas for people with little time and money.

  • Jody

    I completely agree! Travel is a priority in our home, too. People who tell me how “lucky” we are fail to notice my 8 year old minivan, the fact that we haven’t had cable TV for over 6 years, that we don’t eat out or that I drive an after-school bus so my kids can attend gymnastics class.

    Top that off with my husband and I both being self-employed and paying for our own heath care and having no paid time off. It is do-able if you really want it.

  • Nikki

    This is very inspiring! I would LOVE to travel with my family. Money is definitely an issue. We’re already a penny-pinching family, so I’ll have to find some way to squeeze some ‘extra’ out. But I’m a teacher and DO have paid time off so, really, we should be traveling! 🙂

  • Mandy

    Awesome read! I used to be a flight attendant and I’m obsessive about traveling….I am planning the next trip as soon as I step foot in the door from our last trip. So happy I found your blog! I couldn’t agree more with this, “Quality time with family is worth every saved penny.”

Cannon Beach