Friday Postcards from Kalena’s Polynesian Show Oahu

 In Hawaii

An attractive Polynesian man grabbed my hand. It was time to go. My husband was no where in sight. In fact, he was a six-hour flight away. If we were going to do this it would be now. I had no choice. My friends were pushing me towards him. I didn’t fight it. In fact, a little part of me wanted it.

So began my first hula lesson at Kalena’s Polynesian Show at Turtle Bay on Oahu’s North Shore.

If you have ever been to a luau you know that by the end of the show someone is going to have to get up and dance. I had managed to avoid this moment for years. I’d run to the restroom to hide when the time came or claim I didn’t feel well. Secretly I’d always hopped I’d be picked and forced to go on stage, but I was too much of a chicken to be proactive about it.


When Turtle Bay invited me for a visit in October, public displays of humiliation (I mean dance) was not part of the agenda. And yet there I was, innocently taking photos up front, when I was pulled to my feet by a male dancer and taught the hula.

I was awful. I mean really bad. It was fun trying though. It didn’t hurt that a few new journalist friends were brought in front of the crowd along with me. We were all good sports and one guy really got into it. I took my bow at the end and scrambled back to my camera bag and hiding spot. I’d officially put in my time as a hula dancer in the lime light during Kalena’s Polynesia Show. The experience wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. In fact, I may have actually had fun (gasp!).

I think I’ve now filled my lifetime quota though. Next time I can shove one of my boys onto the stage when the large Polynesian men come looking for me. They have years to get over any psychological damage it may cause.

Featured image credit: Turtle Bay photographer



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  • Marysia @ My Travel Affairs

    Looks like you had fun Girl!

  • Andi

    One of my greatest fears when it comes to these shows! You survived!

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