Kauai Hotels: A Tale of Three Outriggers

Kauai Hotels

nce upon a time, there was a family who loved to explore the Hawaiian Islands. One day, the beautiful mother said: “Let’s go to Kauai and see what we can discover.” Every adventure needs a home base and they had three hotels to try. Where would they stay? What spot would the traveling family like to call home?

Like Goldilocks, there was only one way to find out. They had to try a few hotels to discover just the right fit. And so their tale begins.

Kauai Hotels

Outrigger Kiahuna Plantation

The first was a sprawling plantation with foliage aplenty. The family found a bit of southern style in this tropical retreat. But something was amiss in paradise divine.

Their one-bedroom suite was cramped. The baby slept in his travel crib all nestled in the bathroom; the toddler on cushions on the bedroom floor. The TV was loud and right next to one sleeping babe’s door. The mom and dad would not be staying up late, the small space made it tricky for a quiet, late night date.

Oh, the beach was quite nice, though the waves were strong. Surf school students dove through the waves screaming “Kowabunga!” all day long. The traveling toddler did not care that there wasn’t much beach, he dug in the sand and built castles with glee.

Another sad note was the swimming pool. It was far, far away, across the street, hidden behind a chain-link fence where it was hard to play.

The family moved on, quite content with their stay, but knowing there had to be something better down the way.


Outrigger Waipouli Beach Resort

The family’s eyes grew wide as they stepped into hotel No. 2. The toddler’s jaw dropped as he took in the view. The slides, the hot tubs, the sand-bottom kids pool; this was a spot he would happily move into.

Their room was no room, but a two-bedroom condo, with two master baths triple the size of their humble abode back home.

Mom tried out the bed with a sigh of bliss, while the baby was set up in the master bath waiting for his nightly kiss.

Dad was happy to know there was a third bathroom waiting, so he did not have to sneak in on a sleeping babe.

Then back to that pool, oh that marvelous pool.

The toddler pulled down his goggles and wiggled his toes. The sand in the kiddie pool provided endless rocks to explore, while the baby grabbed handfuls to create a downpour.

The beach was choppy that time of the year, but that didn’t stop this family from getting wet behind the ears.

They weren’t finished yet, although this hotel seemed just right. They had one left to visit, just down the beach to the right.


Outrigger Lae Nani

Bliss, peace, quiet, calm, and serene; these are the words that came to mind as the mother opened their room’s screen.

She gazed out at the ocean as it crashed on the shore and then said a quick “Thank you!” for the protected cove, tide pools and more. Her little men ignored the pool; they had sea creatures to explore.

They donned bathing suits, water shoes and goggles. In no time at all, they explored tide pools, wrote words in the sand and dodged black crabs in puddles.

Their suite was smaller than the one just before, but it was all the room the parents needed to relax on their own, and ensure a few naps for their young baby who needed to sleep just a few hours more.

His travel crib in the bathroom made it cramped at times, but everyone was happy to use the hall powder room. It kept the peace, it kept the calm, it kept Mom from tearing her hair out at times.

Now, the family had spent six nights in three lovely hotels, but as the mother sat on the lanai, watching the sunrise over the ocean, she wondered which had her family under its spell.

There was something special about all three, but Dad’s top pick was the first. It had fabulous surf, laid back plantation life and plenty of food and sights. The young ones favored the second, and if you couldn’t guess, the pool was what held their affections tight.

Kauai Hotels

Now it was Moms turn to decide which hotel was just right, so she thought of them all watching the sun rise over the ocean, saying goodbye to night.

In the quiet of the morning she let her cares drift away. She pondered all of the places the family had stayed. She loved the bathrooms in the second hotel and the extra space, and sprawling lawns of the first. But the third was where she found her place, with all the natural wonders of Hawaii in their very own space.

And so, you see, everyone had their own tastes and on this trip, everyone found their perfect fit. From a plantation on the south coast, a water wonderland on the east, or a quiet beach worth the wait, you’ll find a perfect fit for your adventures, you may even spot a whale…

And they all explored happily ever after.

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Many thanks to Outrigger Hotels & Resorts for hosting my family at each of their Kauai properties. As always my opinions (and rhymes) are my own; when they aren’t you will be the first to know. 

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  1. Mom

    Ummm…my daughter’s a poet and doesn’t know it. Roses are red, violets are blue, I wish i could have gone to # 2 with you.

  2. Lovely vacation tale! When are you coming out with the children’s book? 😉

    1. Keryn @ Walking On Travels

      LOL!!! Funny you should mention a book though. I’ve got too books in ubber early draft form I really need to work on!

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