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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Leatherman for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine

Have you ever just really needed a screwdriver? Especially that tiny one that can fix you watch, replace the batteries in your kid’s remote control whatever, or fix your camera tripod while you are traveling. How often has that tool been easy to find?

Personally, I can never find a screwdriver, much less any other tool I need in a pinch. My husband is constantly moving tools around in our basement. The kids run off with the screwdriver I need and they don’t even know how to use it yet! It’s a never-ending cycle in my house, and it gets even worse when we travel.

Leatherman TREAD wearable multitoolDiscover Leatherman TREAD

When Leatherman asked me to check out their new wearable multi-tool, my brain went where this “all-girls high school, raised knowing woman can do anything, etc.” mom should never go. I thought, “huh? Aren’t tools just for guys?”

Nope. They aren’t. And tools don’t need to come in pink to prove it.

When the Leatherman TREAD showed up at my door my husband was in raptures over a new toy to play with. Ummm… excuse me love. This is MY new toy, not yours. True, it could be a manly bracelet with twenty-nine tools hanging from my husband’s wrist, but I wanted to see what this wearable toolbox could do for me, a woman, and an “I chose not to be handy” one at that.

Leatherman TREAD wearable multitoolBreaking Leatherman TREAD down by links

I have much daintier hands and wrists than my husband. The Leatherman TREAD was huge when I first put it on. Not a problem though. The TREAD breaks apart via links, so I could make it fit my wrist without worrying about this wearable tool falling off.

In a matter of minutes, with the help of a penny, I was able to create a wearable, industrial-style toolbelt that I was able to incorporate into my everyday wear. However, keep in mind that this might not be the best accessory for a night out on the town.

In order to make it fit though, I needed to take off at least three links to fit my wrist, but which to choose? Since I always need a screwdriver, and I didn’t know what a few of the tools did (yet), I opted to take off Links 8, 9 and 10. These held things like hex drives and box wrenches. Now I was down to nine links and a clasp.

By the way, the clasp is where you will find the bottle opener. I’m glad they made this essential tool, especially for moms, impossible to remove. Well, you can, but you won’t be able to put the TREAD back together without it.

Keep in mind that everyone’s wrist size is different. There have been requests for half links to make sizing even better, but no word yet on if/when that will happen. 

TREAD Link 4: the lifesaver

I needed the screwdrivers, especially the Phillips Head Screwdriver that came on Link 4 (there are also two on Link 12) for toys and fixing random items around our house. I also loved having the Cutting Hook handy over the holidays when boxes were coming two to three times a day at my house.

Link 4 also came with a SIM Card Pick (why are SIM cards so impossible to remove?!), which will come in handy when we head to Europe in the spring. I always buy a local SIM Card when we travel so I can stay in touch via email, call local friends and post on social media.

One last tool I loved on Link 4 was the Glass Breaker. This may seem like an odd one to get excited about, but as a mom, safety is my top priority with my kids. Knowing I can break the glass in my front door or even in my car if we need to get out in an emergency is peace of mind I can now wear on my wrist. I’ve got my safety net with me at all times.

So, why should you carry a toolbox on your wrist?

The man’s view (AKA my husband):

  • It’s convenient
  • Could be good for minor bike repair
  • Great for quick fixes, not the big jobs
  • Compact
  • Easy to take with you
  • Got that industrial jewelry feel
  • You could be that guy who could fix that random thing

The lady’s view (AKA mine):

  • Fun, industrial design
  • Easy to grab the tools I need quickly to fix random things around the house
  • Know where the tools are because they stay in one place
  • Hard to scatter this tool box all over the basement
  • Compact, easy to pack
  • Can travel with it
  • Great for photo shoots (seriously, I’ve used a lot of random tools on shoots)
  • Adjustable for most wrist sizes

Leatherman TREADBest way to wear the Leatherman TREAD?

I’ve seen photos of a watch face put into the TREAD band. I think this is genius. It adds function to fashion. Suddenly your husband (or you) has a statement piece that you can always wear. You can now save the day at Christmas or birthday parties when something needs to be fixed, put together or simply opened.

The TREAD is also fun when paired with a fitness tracker. Come on ladies, we all have those massive bands on our wrists tracking our steps and it needs a friend! Men- this is your chance to get in on the jewelry trend.

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Leatherman TREAD wearable multitoolThe downside to the Leatherman TREAD

This style of hardware is not for everyone. It was definitely designed for men by men. It can feel chunky on your wrist if you aren’t used to wearing that much metal. If you know how to rock industrial design (it’s made with corrosion-resistant 17-4 stainless steel) you will wear this multi-tool bracelet everywhere.

I’ve also read complaints online that the metal can bend on the tools over time. If that happens, Leatherman does stand behind its product with a 25-year guarantee to repair or replace the TREAD if it breaks.

Leatherman TREAD wearable multitoolTSA Approved?

Leatherman states that the TREAD is flight safe and you can bring it through security. I haven’t given this one a go, but since it is not TSA approved be prepared to take the TREAD off and put it in your luggage if asked by TSA. The rules are always changing when you go through security, especially if you are flying internationally.

Overall, this is a unique tool from Leatherman that I am curious to use more on the road. There must be a million uses for it. Right now I’m just happy I know where the screwdriver is so I can change out the batteries on my boys’ remote control cars in the morning. They like to wake up early and wear them out as fast as possible.

Want to learn more? Check it out now!


This post is brought you you by Leatherman for IZEA.
As always, opinions are my own. When they aren’t you will be the first to know.

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