5 Reasons to Travel with Your Leatherman TREAD

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Traveling with a tool kit just isn’t practical. If you work in construction you may have a tool box in your trunk at all times, but the average traveler does not. As a mom, packing tools is the last thing on my mind, but when I was skiing a few weeks ago, I found two instances that tools would come in handy. I happened to be wearing my Leatherman TREAD and I’m so glad I did.

Leatherman TREAD

What is the Leatherman TREAD?

The Leatherman TREAD is a wearable multitool that looks more like an industrial bracelet than a toolbox. My husband regularly hides our tools where I can’t find them. He’s not trying to be mean, he just never puts anything back in the same spot. I started using the TREAD around the house and thought I would take it out on the road with me too.

As I used the TREAD during my ski trip, I realized there were a lot more ways to use the TREAD than I originally thought. Here’s a breakdown of how I have used the Leatherman TREAD and how I could use it on future trips.

Leatherman TREAD


The Hex Drive is perfect for ski boots and skis, as well as snowboards. My family snowboards and skis, so having a multi tool to adjust and tighten our bindings is a lifesaver. Instead of trekking into the ski shop, I could adjust my skis in our room and even on the mountain. Anything that gets us up on the mountain, and avoids extra whining from my impatient kids makes sense to pack and wear.

Scuba Diving

I have yet to actually scuba dive. However, I have friends who love to breath underwater. If you don’t know already, scuba gear includes a lot of valves and pieces to make it work so you can safely breath underwater. The oxygen tank wrench allows scuba divers to adjust their tanks whenever necessary. The TREAD packs up small and is easy to bring along to a beach, lake or river dive. No more lose tools in your gear bag. Seems like a win, win to me.

Leatherman TREAD


While doing a photoshoot in the mountains, part of the reason we were skiing all weekend, I had to attach my DSLR camera to a tripod. I seem to have no body strength when it comes to small screws on gadgets, so my fingers just couldn’t hack it. I took off my TREAD and found the flathead screwdriver. In under 30 seconds I had the tripod head attached to my DSLR and I was taking the photos I needed to take. The timing was the key on this shoot. I had limited time and the light was fading. There was no way I could go back to the hotel to grab tools from a handyman or build a tripod contraption to hold my camera without falling.

Keep in touch

Why is there never a Sim Card Pin or paperclip around when you need one? My family and I travel overseas quite often. To save money, I always buy a local SIM card. However, those SIM cards don’t always come with a pin to take your home SIM card out and install a new SIM card. If you don’t get a great store clerk, you may be stuck. I’m headed to Greece to volunteer with refugees in March with a group of eight people. I know where to grab our SIM cards, and now with the Leatherman TREAD Sim Card Pin tool I know I can install them on all of our phones.

Leatherman TREAD


Every winter driving kit should have a glass breaker in it. No exceptions. If you get stuck in your car, you need to know you can get out. The Glass breaker tool gives me peace of mind while I drive around the city with my boys and when we take long road trips together. You just never know what will happen, especially when the roads get slick.

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  1. I bought my husband one of these for Christmas- and he wears it daily. Must say, it’s the only piece of ‘man jewelry ‘ we wears besides his wedding ring. It’s always great conversation when he pulls it off to use a tool. And, honestly, it’s a pretty sexy piece….

    I thought to get one for me, but it’s just too big. I would have to remove about 6 links for it to fit me. Wish Leatherman would make a narrower version for women.

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