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When I was a little girl, a fact my boys find hard to believe, I used to fill out the Publishers Clearing House forms religiously. I wanted to win that million dollars for my family, but more than that, it was mail that my dad would let me have. I dreamed about getting mail all my own. I had numerous pen pals and was a faithful correspondent. On the rare occasion that a package came for me I was over the moon. Now that my oldest, Dek, is almost five years old, I am seeing this same obsession with the mail take hold. He wants to check it every day. He is thrilled when a magazine arrives for him. Little did he know we would be getting something a little bigger in the mail very soon.

One day a package arrived for me, but I knew it was actually for Dek. We get a lot of packages in our house, but rarely, except around Christmas, is it anything that Dek deems worth his time. Inside this box was something special though. Inside was a blue Little Passports suitcase.

Little-PassportsWhat is Little Passports

Now if you aren’t familiar with Little Passports, it is a monthly subscription service that delivers fun activities for children ages 5-10 right to your door (4 year olds will love it too, but may need mom’s help with reading and doing activities). It is a package just for your kids, but if you are lucky they will let you join in on the world exploration fun. You can choose between the World Edition and the USA edition. The World edition is good for younger children, so that’s all we looked at this time around.

Dek and I flipped open the suitcase to see what was inside. We found the following:

  • A large map of the world
  • A letter from our new friends Sam and Sofia
  • A passport with suitcase stickers and photos of Sam and Sofia
  • An activity sheet
  • A boarding pass with a secret code that would allow us to access more games online

This was our starter pack to get us ready for more adventures. We were introduced to our guides/new pen pals Sam and Sofia. These two best friends have a magic scooter that can take them anywhere in the world. I’ve often dreamed of having a similar vehicle that could quickly (and cheaply!) transport me to new places. We learned how to say hello in a few languages, to look for the capitals of countries by reading our map and how old Sam and Sofia are.


Monthly packages

There was also a small yellow package with more fun inside. We opened it to find out that the first country we would be exploring was Brazil. In the packet was an activity sheet, letter from Sam and Sofia, photo of a rare Red Uakari monkey, a purple rock, stickers for our map and passport, and another boarding pass that would give us access to fun new content on the Little Passports website. There wasn’t as much as I had hoped would be in each month, but it was still enough to keep us entertained for an hour or two.


Why kids will enjoy it?

What kid doesn’t love mail? Especially when there is cool stuff inside! This is an easy way for your kids to learn a little geography without realizing they are learning. The activity sheet can be brought on road trips to spark endless conversations with the rest of the family. Your child will also have their very own map to play with and explore; one that you don’t have to worry about them drawing all over or wrinkling. Their collection of tidbits and photos from around the globe will grow with each month that you continue your subscription.

What parents think?

I love that my son can get a package every month that gets his explorer juices flowing. We are always looking at maps around our house, talking about where we have been and where we want to go. As far as price, it isn’t too steep. You can sign up for as little as about $11 a month. However, what you get in the package may seem slim compared to the price. The online component definitely adds value. The games are basic, but it gets your child learning on the computer instead of playing mindless video games all day. I do wish they had an app for the iPhone so I could access the games easily online and offline when we are traveling.

If you are looking for a fun way to engage your children in your travels dreaming and give them the thrill of receiving a package every month, you can’t go wrong with Little Passports. It will open the world to your kids, make them use their imaginations and even tease their brain a bit with some fun new activities.

Special thanks to Little Passports for providing a starter kit and a one-month subscription for the purposes of review. As always my opinions are my own; when they aren’t you will be the first to know. 

Little Passports

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  • Leslie H (tripswithtykes)

    Thanks for the review. We’ve debated getting the product, but have hesitated since my daughter is only 5 and still may be a tad young to take advantage until she can read. Also, I wish you could customize the countries you want to receive and in what order so you can get something about an upcoming destination that your family is visiting — if they unveil that feature, I will definitely buy!

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