Friday Postcards from a little downtime in London with kids

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London is one of our favorite cities in the world, but sometimes, even London can’t tempt us past the local playgrounds. Sometimes when we are traveling too hard, meaning we are cramming in as much as possible every day, we just need to slow down, kick back, let the kids be kids and enjoy a little local company with friends.

After rushing through Paris in 5 days, my husband and I knew the kids needed a break. Our friends lived in London and we always try to see them when we are on the continent. They had a little boy we hadn’t met yet and the train from Paris to London was so easy, and relatively cheap. We popped over and camped out for the weekend. They kept asking if we wanted to head into the city center. Nope, we were perfectly happy letting the kids roll down the hill together, share toys with their new friend and go out for a nice meal while a sitter watched all of our boys.

Although I love seeing as much as I possibly can everywhere we go, I’m also not an insane mother who will push her kids, or myself, past our limits. The boys and I had four more weeks of travel to go. I didn’t want to burn them out the first week. London and our friends will still be there next time. We still need to get to the Natural History Museum and we will. Just not this trip.

Have you ever pulled the brakes midway through your trip to give everyone a break? Tell us about it!

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Friday Postcards

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    Your boys do look like they’re having a good time. Isn’t it wonderful that you can just hop over to London from Paris for the weekend. I think I’d be hopping back and forth all the time. My kids say that one of their favorite trips was the one where just hung out with their cousins at the mall and played with them at their house. It was certainly more relaxed than our usual go-go-go days of sightseeing.

  • Kate

    We absolutely build in downtime when traveling–Bergen wouldn’t have it any other way! 😉 Love seeing these photos of the boys—everyone looks so happy.

  • Jill

    You are a very wise mom!

  • Holly

    Chances are your boys will have a great memory of that downtime and their new friend, just as much as some of the travel adventures seeing important sites. We always take a bit of downtime. Sometimes is as simple as watching some TV and doing nothing in a hotel, or after a non stop 2 weeks through Paris and Germany, our single night in Berlin was spent grabbing pizza from a local pizzeria and chilling out instead of trying to see everything in one night. It was an unexpected part of our trip so we will just build Berlin in another trip one day. No point burning out and being too tired to appreciate everything.

  • Lydia C. Lee

    Is it putting on the brakes or is it experiencing the place (more like a local?). I think we do that anyway, as part of seeing the place…just getting the vibe (if you know what I mean)

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