TASTE of Macarons from Luxemburgerli Switzerland

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Welcome to TASTE, a delicious part of Walking On Travels that will give you ideas for your next dining adventure with or without your kids. For many of us, we loved checking out the latest restaurant before we had kids, but we forgot about food after the baby was born. It is time to reignite those taste buds and get excited about what is out there to be devoured and enjoyed.

What: Macarons (the lemon is heavenly!)

Where: Luxemburgerli, Confiserie Sprüngli AG – Flughafen Zürich, Zurich Airport, 8302 Kloten, Switzerland

Why: If you know me, you know I have a sweet spot for macarons. These French pastries have hit the culinary scene by storm in recent years. It seems like everyone is offering them, whether they actually know how to make them well or not. Apparently the best macarons are made in Paris, although I had a passion fruit macaron in Kyoto that changed my world forever, so I’d argue that the best are in Kyoto. After all, the Japanese are obsessed with French pastries and never do anything unless they can do it perfectly.

It was no surprise when we found a little sweets shop in the Zurich airport during our stay at Radisson Blu Hotel- Zurich Airport. Luxemburgerli’s had a salted caramel macaron that I jumped on, as well as a champagne chocolate, champagne vanilla and strawberry. What surprised me the most was the lemon macaron though. I grabbed it on a whim since we had to fill up the box. I only bought two of the lemon, but I wish I had bought more. It was by far the best in the bunch. The flavors were perfectly balance. Not too tart, but not too sweet. The lemon stood up to the other ingredients in the macaron, instead of being hidden like many of the other flavors seemed to be that we tried. It was the perfect end to our stay in Switzerland, and went very well with a nice bottle of Swiss white wine that my friend Tara and I polished off while picnicking in the hotel bathroom as the my boys fell asleep.

What is your favorite macaron flavor? 


If you have a favorite morsel you discovered during your wanderings that you would like to share, please be in touch. I’m always looking to highlight the best bites around.

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