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That night Maggi told Milo, “We need to get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we hunt frogs.” 

As I finished page three of Maggi and Milo by Juli Brenning, my 4-year-old son turned to me and declared that we too needed to hunt for frogs. I responded with, “maybe we should finish the story first, huh?” He happily agreed and we snuggled back in to finish our tale.

We came to find that Maggi is no ordinary little girl, and Milo, well he is a dog. After receiving rain boots and a book all about frogs from her grandma, Maggi decides to explore the world around her, in search of those allusive green amphibians. I don’t want to give the story away, but let’s just say that with Milo’s help, Maggi (and we the readers) learn a bit about patience, the importance of dry feet and the concert you can hear a family of frogs perform if you sit and listen quietly as the sun sets.


My sons and I (by this point the two year old had started yelling “puppy mamma. Puppy!” and read the book with us) thoroughly enjoyed this beautifully illustrated tale. Priscilla Burris’ playful style fits perfectly with Maggi’s rambunctious and inquisitive personality. The boys and I wanted our very own Milo, a fluffy border collie who looked like he would be a good friend for life to two very curious, sometimes to the detriment of their mother’s sanity, little boys. I can not recommend this book highly enough to families with little girls and boys. It’s a tale that will captivate the whole family. We eagerly await more tales of Maggi and her good friend Milo in the future.

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