Make Your Way to Paradise on Mount Rainier Washington


Start at Paradise to start a family friendly hike or just head over to the Inn for a bite to eat

Every time I think of a place called Paradise I have to giggle a little. It’s kind of like calling a town Happy. It just sets up some really high expectations.

Don’t get me wrong. If I were to die tomorrow, I would not mind the view of this particular Paradise in Mt. Rainier. This Paradise just happens to be in the volcano path and will be buried in lava as soon as Rainier decides to blow her top. Wow, could I get any more morbid? Back to the happy.

Paradise is the base for all hikers that want to reach the summit of Mt. Rainier. You have to register with the park ranger. This is also home to the visitors center and the historic Paradise Inn. Parking can be hectic, but have patience, someone is always leaving and you can score a fabulous spot if you hang out for a few minutes. A few other helpful visitor tidbits can be found below.

The visitor center not only houses information on the park, but also the restrooms

Visitors Center

  • Bathrooms, including a Family Room with changing area
  • History, archive photos and information on Mt. Rainier

Paradise Inn

  • Open May through September
  • Rooms start at $114 for no bathroom all the way up to $269 for a 2 bedroom with bath unit.
  • Dining room serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. No reservations. First come, first serve, so line up a little early if it’s looking busy.
  • Small cafe offering coffee, baked goods, ice cream and various other treats available in the main lobby
  • Loads of comfy seating is available in the main lobby. Pull up a chair and a cup of coffee after a nice long hike with the kids. Or pull out your picnic lunch at one of the tables.
  • Gift shop located in the lobby of the Inn sells t-shirts, postcards, hats, and anything else with Mt. Rainier written on it.

Easy trails can take you through Paradise

For Kids

  • Junior Rangers Program- available daily at Paradise in the summer, on weekends throughout the rest of the park
  • Snowshoe walks are offered for families with children 8 and up in the winter (people without children are also welcome to join in on the fun)
  • Can’t get your kids to Mt. Rainier? Join Web Rangers to learn more about the national parks and park rangers
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