On This Anniversary: A Message Of Thanks For Our Partners In Parenting

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Today, July 19, is my wedding anniversary and I wanted to use this little space to send a small message of thanks to my partner in particular, and all of our partners in parenting in general. 

Walking On Mom has its name because sometimes that’s all we can do, keep moving on in whatever way we know how, just to get through. Sometimes that way is sitting still, sometimes it’s running full speed. We look to each other — sharing stories, helping each other with tips and encouragement. And today I want to thank my husband, my partner, really all of the partners, who stand beside each of us and offer support and love in complex and subtle ways, especially if you’re like me and struggle with anxiety or depression that can add some serious layers of complication to life.

Whether you are with a spouse, or if you are a single parent getting support from family, friends or online communities, I hope you can read this note and think of your own moments of gratitude for people who support you in this crazy parenting path.

On this anniversary: A message of thanks

Thank you, for being my partner in these shared (mis)adventures in parenthood, for stepping in with a bucket full of patience when I’ve emptied mine.

For quiet nights sitting together, reading or immersed in shows, for well-timed laughs that deflate annoyances and good food and wine at our table.

I’m moved, ever so, by thoughtful gestures when you see I’m faltering, that you give me space to build my dreams, that you help me find quiet when I’m desperately seeking peace.

From depths unknown, I’m grateful that you try to understand my struggles and that you wait for me while I learn.

I am strengthened knowing that gentle arms await when the world feels heavy.

I am thankful for (dis)agreements that bring us closer together and for words that reassure. For time, for love, for all the days stretched out before us, thank you.

I love you.

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  • Tamara

    That’s beautiful, Tara! I think it’s pretty amazing that those patience buckets are full just when they need to be!
    Happy Anniversary, you guys! Here’s to many more years, and may those wine bottles always be chilled!

  • Claire

    Lovely. And yes – we do sometimes forget the ‘silent’ (non blogging!) Partners x

  • Liz Voss

    I hope you had a wonderful anniversary <3

    This was a beautiful post.

  • Wendy

    This is lovely and I think so important to reflect on how relationships change especially after kids. It’s the best exercise in team work there could be (team work, and late night wine drinking once the little ones are finally asleep). Happy annualversary!

    • Tara McLaughlin Giroud

      Thanks so much for reading. And yes, after bedtime wine (or water or netflix or peace and quiet!!!) is indeed a crucial part of the mix. 😉