Montreal on a Budget: JustFly Helps You Explore La Belle Province On The Cheap!


Going on vacation is a necessity. Getting out of work or school and seeing the world can be a relaxing, enriching, and rejuvenating experience that goes beyond simply breaking out of your regular life. With that said, vacations are not always cheap. Between flights, hotels, and other expenses the bill can go up pretty quickly, leaving you either with debt or simply shut out of the experience altogether. So, how do you find value on your trip? The answer is to speak with those who are in the know. JustFly, an online travel company, knows the ins and outs of travel, both budget and luxury, and they recommend Montreal on a budget. It’s a place to visit where you can see and experience a lot even on a small budget. 

STM, Uber, and Bixi

Montreal’s public transit network (STM) is a Godsend according to JustFly. Serving a large percentage of the city, the STM allows visitors to stay just about anywhere within the city limits and have access to downtown Montreal and other popular neighborhoods. Night buses mean 24-hour service, allowing for maximum flexibility. The best value for riders who don’t buy a weekly pass, which will set you back $25, is the nightly pass. This pass allows for unlimited rides after 5 p.m. until the following morning, giving you maximum flexibility for a specific night. Montreal is also an Uber city, meaning you can grab cheap car rides with ease using just your phone. If you prefer leg-powered transit, Bixi is Montreal’s bike rental program. Kiosks can be found across the city and are fully automated, making it easy for you to check bikes in and out at-will.

Free Museums

Montreal has quite a few free museums you can check out during your visit according to JustFly’s review. The two obvious choices when traveling to Montreal on a budget are the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Redpath Museum. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is one of Canada’s best art museums with a massive permanent collection that showcases art from every movement. Just watch out—the traveling exhibits, which do charge a fee, can blow your budget. The Redpath Museum is located on the grounds of McGill University and features a smaller, but interesting collection of space rocks, fossils, and archeological finds.

Explore The Plateau and The Old Port

While attractions cost money, neat neighborhoods are there for all to enjoy when visiting Montreal on a budget. Two such neighborhoods are The Plateau and The Old Port. The Plateau is a labyrinth of small shops, cafes, and parks. One park, Parc Mont Royal, is the crown jewel of the green space scene in Montreal. Centrally located on the namesake hill of the city, this park features amazing views of the city, a man-made lake, and hiking and biking trails aplenty. The next spot to check out in the city is The Old Port. This historical district features some of the city’s oldest buildings and architecture. The area is also crawling with street performers, including magicians, musicians, and visual artists.

Keith Holland is the Community Manager for Montreal’s Momentum Travel Group and is a graduate of Humber College’s Journalism Program. This post is part of a paid partnership with JustFly. 

Montreal on a Budget

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