6 Travel inspired Mother’s Day gift ideas

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Moms are some of the hardest people to shop for when it comes to gifts, especially when you need Mothers Day gift ideas. They seem to have everything and nothing. Dads scratch their heads over what to get the woman who holds the family together. Kids are making pottery and bead necklaces at school. Homemade gifts really are the best, but for the family members who want to splurge a little and spoil mom this year, we have a few gifts that will really make her day.

Flytographer Session

Having your own personal photographer on your family vacation is every mom’s dream. If you are like me, you are the one always taking the pictures. This would be a splurge gift for sure, but well worth the $200-$500 price for your family memories in New York, Paris, Hawaii or anywhere else in the world you bring your kids. So, what’s the deal? Basically Flytographer is a network of photographers across the globe, brought together under one website so you can find them. You can check out their portfolios, see what packages and prices they have available, and customize your locations so you show off your favorite spots in town.


VIM & VIGR compression socks

Not the sexiest thing to talk about, but varicose veins are a problem for women, especially pregnant women and moms who have had a lot of extra weight dumped onto their legs in a short amount of time. Doctors are always telling us to wear compression socks, but that feels like something a grandma would do, and the colors are atrocious. Not any more! VIM & VIGR has come up with a line of fun compression socks that you don’t have to be embarrassed to be seen wearing in the security line at the airport. Show them off with pride as you whip your boots off, throw them on the belt and stroll through the metal detector with the kids.


Wallets by Allett

Wallets are a pain in the neck, especially for women. They become big and bulky as we collect more and more loyalty cards, gift cards, credit cards, receipts, cash and random coins throughout our travels. Allett is making slim, yet fashionable wallets for women and men, plus passport cases, using high quality leather, so they can hold up to the test of time. Give mom one this year and see how fast she can fill it up to capacity. Will it fit in her purse still? Well, the purse overload is a whole other issue. Let’s not get into the number of diapers, wet wipes and crackers you can find in those.


Pachyderm charger

You digital device will run out of juice when you travel. Let’s just admit and accept this right now. We can’t always be near an outlet or in our car. The Pachyderm Power 10,000 mAh charger is slim, powerful, has two USB plug-in spots and comes in a variety of great colors from cool black or silver, to bright pink and flashy gold. The charger is small enough to fit in a jacket or even a back jeans pocket, and it is made of aircraft grade aluminum, which means when your kids chuck it across the room it won’t shatter. At full power you can recharge your phone or tablet approximately four times before you have to recharge the charger again. If you don’t use the charger it can stay charged for 4-6 months. And did I mention it has an LED flashlight built into it? Pretty handy to have in a blackout. Even better—a local Tacoma, WA family created this device, so you can feel good that you are helping a family of entrepreneurs.


Try the World: Argentina Box

Oh Argentina. I’ve been dreaming about going to this country since I was in the 4th grade. I had to write a report and I was hooked. When Try the World announced that their next box would be covering Argentina I knew I had to get one sent to me to review. Dulche de Leche, tea, red wine marmalade, and sweet with a hint of salt cookies are tucked away in the Try the World signature blue box. The more of these boxes that I test out the more excited I am when they arrive. Order mom a single box or get her a subscription so she can enjoy tasty bites all year long.

2015 Passport to Sip

Wine lovers of the Pacific Northwest will love the 2015 Passport to Sip, which is valued at $1500 and includes a one-time waived tasting fee at 170+ participating wineries in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia. The passport retails for $39.99, which is an excellent deal for any mom looking to do a little tasting on her travels this year. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a master sommelier, so wine tastings are key for me to find the bottles I love and want to pick up to add to our stores at home, or just bring along on a picnic. If you are in the PacNW, check this deal out right now. Even dads will want it for Father’s Day next month.



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