No I Don’t Have a Bucket List. So What?

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You will often hear the term “bucket list” being thrown about. A plan for what someone wishes to see in the next year, 5 years, even 80 years, before they retire, after they retire, before kids, after graduation or before they die.

This list may be 5 items or 500; it all depends on the person.

Jumping out of an airplane, climbing a mountain and visiting all 7 continents usually finds its way on to such lists, especially when it comes to travel dreaming.

I don’t have a list. Does that make me a bad traveler?

No. I don’t think so.

Our travels are more whimsical than a list can allow. Oh sure we have places we dream of going. Greece and Buenos Aires have been on my top 5 list for at least 8 years. I’ve still never been. Other opportunities came up.

When my old job wanted me to learn how to press check books I jumped at the chance to go to Singapore. I’d be never really given travel to Asia much thought. We had started to focus on Europe and I figured we would hit South America next.

Asia was calling and I was more than willing to answer. 

For the next 4 years I would find myself traveling back and forth to Asia for my job. At first I traveled solo to Singapore. After Dek was born both he and Mike joined me on trips to China. It opened up a world of travel Mike and I had never dreamed would be a part of our lives.

Now we are headed back to Europe, except we still aren’t going to Greece.

I have friends living in Switzerland, Italy, Sicily and the UK. With a free place to stay we are able to hop around for over a month and save thousands in hotel and rental fees.

We could certainly use this savings to go to Greece and maybe we will on a future trip. For now our schedule is so jam-packed I can’t even imagine adding another country to our itinerary.

Websters Dictionary definition:  
a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying.

The idea of a bucket list is intriguing to me. I love lists. I like crossing things off of them even more. For some reason I just can’t write a list for our travels. I always have one in my head. I like that it stays fluid and ever changing.

If I did have a bucket list there is only one thing I can think of at the moment that would be on it. The rest would be transitory.

What is the one thing that makes up my bucket list you ask? Ride an elephant of course.

Do you have a bucket list?
If so, what’s on it?
If not, why not? 

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written by Keryn Means
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  • Kayaker

    Keeping a bucket list on your travels in a great way to budget your time and make your travels more enjoyable. Do you have any suggestions or list of great places to visit?

  • Lisa Wood

    I kinda do but it keeps on changing! We want to go south down to Sydney, Canberra, then to South Australia and Western Australia 🙂

    As well as a cruise and to Thailand. So many wonderful places to visit. So many wonderful experiences. Cant image ever not wanting to travel.

  • Jessica

    Yep, I have a list. What’s on it? I’d like to see everything at least once.;)

  • Barbara

    I don’t have a bucket list, I have a reverse bucket list. I find it’s far less pressure to revel in what you’ve done than have a list of things to do! (The reverse bucket list concept is explained here:

  • Malaysian Meanders

    I don’t have a list, just ideas that float through my head — like visiting Bhutan. My family does NOT have Riding an Elephant on their list. When we were in Thailand a few weeks ago, there were elephant treks starting 5 minutes away from our hotel. Out of the 5 of us, I was the only one interested, so we didn’t go.

  • Julia

    I am a compulsive list-maker, so in a way, yes – but I think of it as goals. I would love to read all the major holy books (Bible, Torah, Quran, Bhagavad Gita) — it’ll make me a better traveler. ANd I want to learn to surf. And live in Bangkok for at least 6 months. But that’s as far as I’ve gotten. What is more fun (and less stress!) is to sit down and make a list of the awesome stuff you HAVE done, then you can stop worrying so much about what you haven’t!

    • Reply

      I would totally be into a reverse list. I feel like I’m always thinking about what I still want to see, not all of the amazing stuff we have done, which my husband always likes to remind me of. I guess he is the half full and I’m the half empty in the relationship 😉

  • Reply

    Not everyone needs a list but it is a great way to work out a manageable way of seeing the world, knocking one place off at a time and deciding which places are practical to visit within your personal budget, time frame etc.. and which you just dream of visiting.

  • Mara

    No bucket list here, partly because everything always sounds great to me (a big joke of mine is that I could be invited on a press trip to a pencil factory and would get excited by it and think it sounded interested). But I also think it’s that I don’t look at life that way – I’m a fatalist. Who knows when my last trip will be? I’m just enjoying the ride.

    Also: I’ve learned one thing after traveling with children for over ten years. They change in ways that you can’t really predict – and so will your plans and desires.

  • 30traveler

    There are so many things that would’ve been on my bucket list 5 years ago that don’t seem important anymore (e.g., “meeting Oprah” lol). I can only assume that the things that seem important now likely won’t in the future!

    Sometimes a bucket list does seem like a good way of trying to remember ideas I’ve had of things I might like to do. It also helps me decide to say “Yes” to spending the money if an opportunity to do something on my bucket list comes along.

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