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ONe Shot Cafe

When my sister told me she wanted to bring me and my boys to one of her favorite coffee shop in Philadelphia, One Shot Cafe, she gave me one warning, “it looks like Anthropologie threw up in the place.” Little did I know that this hipster joint took their job seriously. They were also serving up Stumptown Coffee, a Portland, Oregon native roaster and favorite of the Pacific Northwest.

In case you have never heard of Anthropologie, it is a beautiful clothing store that is staged to the 10th degree. It features “antiques” and other items you normally see models lounging around or using as props in fashion magazine. It redefines high-end hipster. The clientele of One Spot was equally as hip with wide rim glasses, fitted flannel and laptops to match.

Please don’t think I’m looking down on this urban hotspot, I’m just trying to paint the picture. I loved it at first sight. It felt like home and every other coffee shop in Seattle; actually bigger and better than most I have frequented. The 2nd floor had this cozy living room set up in back with books lining the walls for customers to peruse. There was even a motorcycle in there. If ever I need a taste of my new home in my old hometown, I know this is where I will go.

One Shot Cafe is located at 217 West George Street in Philadelphia, PA. Open from 7am to 7pm everyday. 









My gorgeous niece shows off one of her local hangouts to her cousins.

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  • Terumi

    Oh I seriously live for coffee shops like this! And I love Anthro:) And those stairs are too cool:)

  • Sarah V.

    This looks like a lovely coffee shop, and your photos are beautiful. (I love that they sell onesies!)

  • Reply

    Looks like a fun coffee shop!

  • eileen at FamiliesGo!

    looks like a great little spot to find. And empty, which is nice when you have a little one along.

  • Lisa

    What a cool-looking café – I might even be willing to skip Starbucks for one like that! 😉

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