OneNote makes organizing your recipes and life so much easier

You know how you have a binder filled with recipes, or maybe just a stack of recipes you have printed out. Or what about that Pinterest board with 562 meal ideas on it that you will never try. I am guilty of both. I just don’t know how to keep it all organized. My print outs were once organized in binders, but have since become a jumbled mess in my cupboard. Sauce stains cover half the pages, as does muffin and cake batter. I am not a clean cook, and my recipe books and notes show it.

And so I have turned to OneNote.


OneNote is a one stop shop. OneNote is basically my virtual recipe binder I can take anywhere with me. I can copy and paste my recipes, create a grocery list, insert photos and even add audio instructiobs if I want to get a little fancy. If you have a touch device, like a Microsoft Surface, you can even write directly into OneNote. This has made travel so much easier. I used to scan recipes and print them out to bring with us on vacations. Now I can scan them and insert the recipes directly into a OneNote tab in my “binder”, sync everything to my phone and laptop and I’m good to go.

I can share my grocery list with my husband before he heads to the grocery store, and if I forget anything I can add it to the list and it will automatically update while he is out. Whether or not he sticks to my list is another story.


OneNote is free. Everyone raves about EverNote, but here’s the thing, it’s not free, and it limits you to how much you can store. Evernote lets you have 60mb a month for free, while OneNote lets you have 7 GB. Offline access to your OneNote is also free, unlike Evernote.

OneNote goes anywhere with you. This is crucial in my PC vs. Mac house. We have phones, tablets and computers that all run on different platforms. I am constantly working with friends on projects and we can’t all be on our iPhones or PCs. OneNote allows us to share story ideas, recipes and even story edits whenever and wherever we need.

Apps make it even more powerful. With apps like Office Lens (Windows phone)and JotNot scanner (iOS) I can scan recipes I find with my phone and pop them into OneNote without the hassle of downloading them into separate documents or losing them in the photos of kids, flowers, food, books and other images I find in my phone when I finally download. OneNote Clipper allows me to grab a website, pop it into OneNote and move onto my next task if I don’t have time to really dive into the page I found.


I’m not going to lie. OneNote does take a little playing around with to figure out how it will work best for you, but no more time than any new program might take. It is an Office 365 product, which means if you already know Word and Excel, you will find many of the tools and toolbars familiar to work with. 

I was hesitant at first to dive in, but once I did I was hooked. I can import Excel spreadsheets (the love of my life) and they will auto update. I can add photos, make business cards, create recipe books and get my husband to grab groceries after work as I aspire to be the chef I know is in me somewhere. Our travel planning has been transformed, but that is a totally different discussion for another day. Needless to say this is a powerful tool that can change the way you gather information, and will definitely help you try out a few more of those Pinterest recipes you have been salivating over for the past year.

22 thoughts on “OneNote makes organizing your recipes and life so much easier”

  1. Lisa {Gone with the Family}

    Great giveaway – I’ve been meaning to try OneNote but haven’t got around to it!

  2. Erin

    YEs please!!! Thanks for the chance 😀

  3. Alouise

    Awesome giveaway. I don’t have a favorite cookbook, but I’m always asking my mom for different recipes from her recipe binder. It’s filled with recipes she’s gotten from friends, family, social gatherings, newspapers. If I won I’d probably give the prize to her – I think she needs more help organizing her recipes (and upgrading from Word 2003) than I do.

  4. Sherri Kuhn

    Wow, awesome giveaway! I always put off learning about the latest and greatest, but I have heard so many people talk about OneNote that it’s probably time for me to check it out.

  5. Jeremy

    I am not sure if it is a cookbook or not, but The Flavor Bible is the favorite cooking related book we have in our kitchen. All about the best flavor combinations in an encyclopedia like format. What goes with strawberries? They have a huge list. What goes with celery? yep, that too. Our second compliment to that is What to Drink With What You Eat which is a similar concept but drinks with meals.

    Two musts!

  6. Colleen Lanin

    I loved “Comfort Me with Apples” – a cooking memoir by Ruth Reichl. Also loved Julia Child’s memoir, “My Life in France” and “Julie and Julia.”

  7. Leslie H (tripswithtykes)

    Loved the Blue Moon Cookbook – an old (Southern?) cookbook my grandma used. We still make the mac & cheese recipe in my family.

  8. Elena

    I used OneNote when I was still teaching but love how easy it is to apply it at home.

  9. Tricia

    I love the cookbook my church put together about 12 years ago. It’s great to make delicious things with recipes from friends and neighbors!

  10. Bronwen

    Woohoo Giveaways! My fave cookbook for kids is Weelicious!

  11. Georgi Hadzhigeorgiev

    Traditional Bulgarian cosine

  12. Mari

    I liked Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook by Anthony Bourdain.

  13. Sandy

    Though many cookbooks have entered the house since my wedding day 20 years ago, I still rely on the Easy Basics cookbook from Sunset that my mom gave me when I left home for college nearly 30 years ago! It’s got perfectly simple recipes, substitutions, equivalents, and how-to pictures.

  14. Taylor Closet

    My favorite cookbook is Sylvia’s Family Soul Food Cookbook.

  15. If I win I think I would cook more! My recipes are all over the place so can’t really blame me for making the same thing every day!

  16. Anna

    This is awesome! I am a huge Giada fan!

  17. Jade

    My husband has been dying to get me to try one note. I’d love to if I win! 🙂

  18. Jenna

    Favorite cookbook? That’s a hard one! I love Deborah Madison’s cookbooks, especially her soup cookbook. Amazing. But Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything is a must, too.

  19. Nicole

    Favorite Cookbook – Cowgirl Creamery’s!

  20. Monica Kelly

    You posted this so long ago, I hope you will still answer. I am planning to use One Note to organize my recipes. In your post you mentioned that “create a grocery list” from One Note. How do you do that?

    1. Keryn Means

      Hi Monica, I use OneNote for grocery lists in the OneNote App on my phone. It’s a godsend! It can sync with your desktop OneNote as well. You can make a grocery list binder if you really want to stay organized.

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