Only the UW Cherry Blossoms Could Tempt Me Off the Couch


I had been waiting and waiting and waiting for this moment. The cherry blossoms were in bloom. Spring had officially arrived. There was no way we would be missing this moment. Then again I needed to find the energy to get out of the house, something getting more difficult every day. Thank goodness for good friends.

If you don’t know already, I am 9 months pregnant. I’m counting down the days as this little guy finishes up in the oven and joins us on the outside. My back and legs protest a little more with each passing day. I’m finding it harder and harder to get motivated to get off the couch the heavier this belly gets.

You can imagine my hesitation when my friend Nic called me last Monday wondering where we were going to take the kids that morning. I looked out my window, saw the grey dreary sky and began to question her sanity. Was she crazy! No way was I getting off of my warm and comfy couch to go trekking through what would probably end up being a rainy, cold day. Yet she swore she had blue skies near her. I gave in. I knew the Yoshino cherry tree blossoms were blooming down at the University of Washington. I had been dreaming of this moment all spring. I would be prepared this time, unlike last year. I would have my good camera with me to get some shots. Even if it was cloudy and grey I could still capture these delicate blooms. It might be my last chance before the baby arrived.

As Dek and I headed down to campus the sun started to peak out. I didn’t’ hold my breath. It wouldn’t last.

I found a parking spot and we walked over to the quad. The sun was still out. In fact the clouds were rolling away revealing blue skies underneath. Huh. Maybe this venture wouldn’t be worthless after all.

Doing a little jumping by the cherry trees

Oh me of little faith. The day turned out to be glorious. The quad cleared out between classes allowing all of our kids to run through the grass, climb the trees and play with sticks taller than they were.

We took a lot of portraits of the kids in the trees and with the blooms. Really there was no better time to get a shot of the kids smiling. They were in their element, enjoying the fresh air, sunshine and some relaxed moms. The light was also perfect. Thanks to my friend Nic I also got a few shots of me pregnant. Photographs of me are rare enough. Pictures of me pregnant are even scarcer.

Dek and his buddy El practice some jumps in the UW quad

We finished up our outing with lunch at Mod Pizza, a quick and pretty cheap pizza chain that makes personal size pizzas to order. Not the best crust but it works in a pinch when you have hungry bellies, nap times looming and a parking meter that is about to run out.

I am so happy I had my friend Nic to motivate me off the couch that morning. The promise of cherry blossoms was a big help too.  I only made it out the door one more day last week but it was enough. I feel a little bad for Dek right now, but at least he got outside. And most importantly, we checked off another item on my spring/ pre-baby bucket list. Fingers crossed the tulips start blooming this week so we can check those out as well.

Know Before You Go

  • Keep an eye on the blossoms via the UW Visitors Center Facebook page.
  • The Cherry Blossoms are in bloom right now. Get out there ASAP before they are gone. Most blooms are open and some are even starting to fall. The next 2 weeks are your best times to take a peak.
  • Pack up the kids, grab a blanket and bring a picnic to create a perfect midday outing. Weekdays are less crowded (except when classes change), but weekends are still very enjoyable.
  • Restrooms are available in the Suzzallo library at the southwest corner of the quad.
  • Parking is available in the lots but it can be pricey. Metered street parking will cost you about $3 for 2 hours if no free spots are available

So glad I got to enjoy the spring sunshine and blooms before baby #2 arrives


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Showing 6 comments
  • Sarah V.

    Beautiful pictures! Wish I could go see the cherry blossoms… Maybe next year!

  • Myra

    LOVELY photos of the cherry blossoms, and you look fabulous as well. You’re almost done bakin-the-bun, hang in there!

  • Steve

    You have to have pictures of yourself pregnant so that later you can show the pictures to your kids and blame them for anything you want.
    I have to admit, I don’t get cherry blossoms. I just spent a few days wandering around D.C. being the only person who didn’t appreciate the blossoms. I do appreciate good pictures though, and you’ve got quite a few great ones in this post. Nice work!

    • © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      Steve when you have lived through as much rain as we have lately (which you have I’m sure) then cherry blossoms are the 1st sign that any kind of sun and spring temps are headed our way.

  • Lisa

    I would love to see cherry blossoms like that – they are so beautiful! Love the pics of the kids playing. They probably could care less about the flowering trees but they sure are having fun!

    • © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      I like to call it the perfectly balanced outing- kids are outside having a blast, moms get to see something pretty and have fun too 🙂